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Empress Muada

A box of highly-enriched experimental Dratamin rolled into one of Tiamat's Fissures. Sand bugs living underground ate the Dratamin, and began to mutate. A small number of Drakan troops went into the Fissure in order to retrieve the box, and when they saw that it was all gone, they became angry and tried to kill the creatures. In the end, they were beaten and devoured. When the sand bugs consumed the Drakan, they absorbed the Drakan's consciousness, memories, and language. One, who preyed on the highest-ranking Drakan, became more powerful and intelligent than all the others, and came to be known as Empress Muada.

Due to the creation of tunnels by the Sandbug Tribe, the Sarpan landscape hollowed. Along with Beritra's attacks and the destruction of the Sealing Stones, this contributed to Sarpan's and Tiamaranta's sinking. Due to this event, in 4.8, the instance is no longer accessible.


Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter to Muada's Trencher in Sabat's End region in Sapran.

  • Level: 57-60
  • 1 entry, resets daily
  • 12 man instance
  • Entry quest: None

There is one quest associated with Muada's Trencher: [Daily/Alliance] The Empress Must Die. It's for both Elyos and Asmodians, and is given by Betios in Kamar. Additionally, completing this instance is required in order to level up a legion to level 8 through Legion Tasks.

Its structure of the cave is a ring, with Muada, the boss, in the middle. Upon entering, the players will spawn in a sand mound on one of the edges.

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