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Mountainous Shardgolem

Mountainous Shardgolem is one of the three possible final bosses in the Archives of Eternity, along with the <Fleshgolem Captain> and <Ancient Relic Techgolem>. They are the defenders of the ancient knowledge contained in the library.

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This boss will be identical to the <Crystalized Shardgolem>, with same skills, effects and strategies. However, it will borrow Macro type 1 <Strike of Expulsion> (a massive damage skill which distributes damage between enemies within a short range of the target) from the <Relic Techgolem>, as well as Macro type 1 <Shimmer> from the <Augmented Fleshgolem>.

This last one will however work differently; after 50% of HP, the boss will cast it, summoning four additional monsters around him, identical to the ones spawned by Macro type 1 <Mystic Fetters>. They will pull targets and put them into a Silenced state, and will remain there for some seconds. He will immediately follow up this with his Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> combo. It is important for players to watch out for these adds when they run away from the boss. Timing can sometimes ruin a player's chance as being pulled by Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> can sometimes force them to go through an add's range and suffer the combination of damage from both skills.

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Bobonerk's Agency

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