Motions are how the player appears and moves in game. Each character is given a starting set of motions called 'Default'. Motions are another way to express your personality, for example; Elyos and Asmodians have different sets of Default Motions. Asmodians have their own Motion of showing their claws and their aggressive looks, while Elyos' Motion shows their tranquility and elegant features. Motion creates a big difference to Aion's society, without being individually different, all Daevas will be the same.

Getting New Motions Edit

Motions are largely purchasable from the item mall using NCoins. Two motion sets are also available in-game however can be purchased for 15.000.000 kinah each.

Both are available from the Motion Merchant in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. The Ninja motion is also available as a trial for one day by doing the following quest:

Changing Motions Edit

To change your characters default motion, open up the profile window (default 'P') and click the <Motion> tab. Available motions are listed underneath each type of player interaction. Simply click the motion desired and close the window.

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