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Motgar is a laborer working at the Sap Farm in Munihele Forest of Ishalgen. He is very lazy, always trying to find an excuse to rest.



Starts quest
Ends quest


"Oh, What is it now?
Are you not content with grinding my body into dust with this work? Must you torment me, after everything you have done to my family and my village?
I used to be so much more--a cook, a husband, a storyteller, a musician! Then you came. You obliterated everything that mattered....
Oh, where's the sense in talking to you? You're just amoral scum."
1 "Amoral, huh?"
X "Think as you like."
"You work alongside the same men and women who destroy lives without a moment's hesitation.
What would you call it?
People like you are barely Human."
X "Think as you like."
With quests
" head...
My eyes won't focus and my legs...they buckle whenever I take a step. I can't take it...."

Notes Edit

  • Motgar was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but it seems it was never implemented. That dialogue should have been:
"Oh! A D--Daeva!
Please, you must help me! I've been imprisoned by a group of raiders in--you! You ascended?! But...but you're a raider!
How is this possible?! Oh, it doesn't matter. Please help me!"
X "In time, Motgar."
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