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Morphing refers to a method of creating a material item using various forms of aether, DP and/or morph catalysts. Normally in order to obtain resources, elemental stones, and fluxes, they must be gathered from nodes or as drops from mobs.

Morph Method recipes can only be purchased at fortress quartermasters while your faction controls the fortress. Monitor when the NPCs are available to obtain a specific recipe. They are also available from Aethertapping and Essencetapping vendors in Sanctum and Pandaemonium (without morph recipes for Magical Aether).

How to Morph Substances[edit | edit source]

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At level 10, the ability to use the Morph Substances craft is gained. This provides the ability to create material items and elemental stones from DP with the correct design and form of Aether. As well, it allows the break down of higher quality fluxes into 3 of a lesser quality using Morph Catalysts that can be purchased in the crafting area of each capitol city.

To access the morph recipe list, press K to open the Skills window, click on the Craft tab, and right-click on Morph Substances. Clicking on each recipe will show the materials and Divine Power needed as well as how many of the substance each craft will produce. Select the recipe and have all the appropriate materials for it, then select the number of crafts to make and press the craft button. A small progress bar will appear during the conversion. This process is always successful and takes only a few seconds to complete.

Morphing Recipes[edit | edit source]

Morph: Normal Transformation Contract Selection Box
Morph: Greater Transformation Contract Selection Box
Morph: Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)
White design.gif <Morph: Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle> [1p]
White design.gif <Morph: Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle> [1p]
White design.gif <Morph: Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle> [1p]
White design.gif <Morph: Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle> [1p]
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