Hunt the Frillnecks in the Manduri Forest.

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After 10 repeats Edit

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After getting the quest, go to the Manduri Forest. Kill Hissing Frillnecks, then return to Eltnen Fortress and talk to Androkles to collect the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Good news, my friend!
I've heard from Centurion Maximus[sic], and I have permission to remove the Frillnecks from the Manduri Forest! Isn't that wonderful? Soon balance will be restored and birdsong will again fill the forest!
Nature's return is imminent!"
1 "Nature isn't just birdsong and rainbows...."
"Oh, [Player Name]....
Listen, you've worked with me before, so I know you can appreciate what I'm trying to do here. All that we're doing now is continuing your work. If you would like to partake in our operation and earn more Kinah, then you would be more than welcome.
What do you say?"

Accept Edit

"Good! Excellent!
Let's test that muscle of yours, shall we? Come back after killing 15 of those Hissing Frillnecks and I'll make sure you are duly rewarded.
Faith and arms!"
X "Faith and arms."

Decline Edit

"You would start the ball rolling, then pull back just as Nature's victory is imminent? Why? Losing your nerve now? You are a most complex being, my friend!
Very well, leave us. I'll see to the Frillneck scourge through other avenues."
X "Goodbye, Androkles."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Aha! Nature's shield, the [Player Class] [Player Name], returns.
I have a report ready to be sent up to High Command. Just say the word and your name will be once more be thrust before the proud and beaming form of General Telemachus!"
1 "It is done."
"Very good!
But there is little time to celebrate: even now those creatures are breeding and recovering from your onslaught, recouping during their respite. There will always be more work to do, more Frillnecks to hush, and if you are looking for work I will always make sure you are kept busy.
Well done...well done!"

Summary Edit

Androkles was given permission to hunt more of the Frillnecks in the Manduri Forest and was looking for contractors to do his work. You took up the task and killed 15 of the Frillnecks for him.

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