Poppy, Cannon's Porgus, has disappeared. Look for Poppy in the Dukaki Mine and bring her home.

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Poppy's pen in the Dukaki Mine.

Cannon's porgus, Poppy, has wandered off into the Dukaki Mine area, find her and bring her home. Poppy is located near the road leading toward the Dukaki Settlement. She is in a pen, surrounded by other porguses, and guarded by a <> (which also has a good chance of dropping the ring for Tango quest icon <Stolen Jewelry> [14]). Talk to Poppy to get her to follow, then return to Cannon to collect the reward. Be sure to walk slowly enough that Poppy does not get too far away.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Can you believe some people say Porguses all look the same? I could tell Poppy from the rest with my eyes closed!
She was my pal. And now she's gone!"
1 "That's too bad."
"I got up early this morning to put out her food, and she didn't come running like she always does.
I thought she was hiding somewhere, but I called her and she didn't come. I looked and looked, but there was no sign of her anywhere."
1 "What do you think happened?"
"Well, <Alto> told me he saw her waddling off toward the Dukaki Mine.
What if the Kobolds took her?! They'll eat anything. They probably cook each other when they're low on food. They wouldn't hesitate to kill a poor little Porgus!
But I have this feeling like she's still alive. Will you find her for me?"

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you!
When you find her, get her to follow you home. If you scratch her behind the ears, she'll follow you anywhere!
If she's still alive, of course. I do hope she is...."
X "She'll be okay. I'll find her."

Decline Edit

"I understand. Daevas are too busy saving the world to be concerned with missing Porguses.
Even if they have cute little button eyes.
Go. Go save the world. I'm sure I'll find another special friend, someday."
X "Ask me later, kid."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

Oink! Oink oink oink!
1 "Come on, Poppy! Let's go home!"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Poppy! I knew you'd be okay!
But why are you limping? Did someone hurt you? I'll never let you out of my sight again!
Please take this, Daeva. It's all I can offer you. Come by and see Poppy any time you like, though!"

Summary Edit

Cannon told you that he lost Poppy, his favorite Porgus. You found Poppy inside the Dukaki Mine and brought her home safely.

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