Mirash Sanctum (Mirash RefugeKR/EU) was a solo instance introduced with the 5.8 update. This inner temple was built inside the Divine Fortress by Ereshkigal's army to resurrect her fallen troops.

This instance was preserved in the 6.0 update as an adjusted version with lower difficulty. With the 7.0 update it was removed from the game. Its purpose has since been taken over by the Bastion of Souls.

Backstory Edit

"Elyos and Asmodian scouts have discovered a series of secret chambers deep beneath the Divine Fortress. Within, they have found the Harvesters using a magic ritual to revive Ereshkigal’s fallen soldiers. Unless the ritual is stopped, Ereshkigal’s soldiers will return endlessly." -5.8 Patch Notes.

Having taken down the Frozen Monolith and claiming the Divine Fortress under their name, Daevas will venture deep within the inner chambers of the fortress in hopes of clearing out the remaining Balaur and uncovering the mystery behind the reappearance of <OrissanGuardian Deity General Orissan> and other ancient Ereshkigal soldiers.

Swarming with Balaur and heavy security, the underground chambers built to fit their needs, are explored to discover odd altars and traces of a familiar nagarant. Investigation concluded the Harvesters were resurrecting Ereshkigal's fallen soldiers using the remaining power of the Incarna. Following the defeat of the lead Harvester, <Singing Kirshka>, a mirror was discovered in its deepest halls. It conveyed a message from Ereshkigal herself, ordering her army to head to her citadel and prepare for "the storm".

Walkthrough Edit

Mirash Sanctum map

Mirash Sanctum map

The difficulty for the majority of the instance is low, with the final boss offering somewhat more challenge. The most prominent feature in this instance is the Iron Hook <Iron Hook>, an item which allows players to scale walls that have a <Cold Ladder> on them, allowing the user to reach high platforms.

Most of the instance is not timed, with the exception of two areas that will award bonus loot and reduced monster spawns in the subsequent areas ahead if the local objective is cleared within the time limit. Players may still proceed with the instance if they fail to do so.

Vigil Hall Edit

The starting area, only meant to introduce the player to the Iron Hook <Iron Hook>. Players may instantly jump down the left and fight <Ironhook Negel>, a simple named mob which will drop the Iron Hook <Iron Hook> that is crucial to the instance. If the player loses the item or fails to pick it up, a chest will spawn on the back containing an additional hook.

The item can be used as many times as desired on the <Cold Ladder> scattered throughout the instance. After using the Iron Hook <Iron Hook> the players will be teleported to top of the platform. The only requirements are standing rather close to the <Cold Ladder> (about 7m) and being in possession of the hook. To use it, just select the ladder and use the Iron Hook <Iron Hook>. It is recommended to place the Iron Hook on one's shortcut bar and/or assign it a keybind or creating a macro to do it for you. The two lines for this macro would be: /select Cold Ladder and /use Iron Hook. Just be sure you're close enough to the ladder when used.

To exit the Vigil Hall, players must scale the ladder behind <NegelIronhook Negel>, and then seek out high <Cold Ladder> on the east wall of the room. On top of the wall players will encounter the first <Reborn Vashkan>, an optional monster which can be slain for extra XP. Players may proceed down the narrow corridor and skip the Balaur guards near the stairs at the end by using the Iron Hook <Iron Hook> on the <Cold Ladder>. The small corridor ahead will lead to the Outer Hall.

Outer Hall Edit

The way will then open up in a straight chamber with several Balaur, with another group patrolling the center path. The second <Reborn Vashkan> can be found in this room. In the middle of the area is an elevated platform which can be reached with the hook to skip or reset aggro on the patrolling guards.

To proceed further into the instance players must locate and kill <Skittish Unum>, who will drop the Key type 2 <Soul Vault Key>. While he will have a mob next to him, he can be pulled without aggroing any of the monsters. Once the player is in possession of the key, they may head to the end of the passage and open the way into the Soul Vault when they are ready.

Soul Vault Edit

This circular chamber is the first timed event. Players are given 3 minutes to open the door leading out of the room. Completing it in time will spawn a chest on the other side of the door, containing additional rewards. Players will have to open the door either way, but running out of time will not give any rewards.

The objective in this room is to interact with the correct <Soul Icon Protection Stone>. There are six of them in the middle of the room: the correct one will open the door, but choosing a wrong stone will paralyze the player for a long while, rendering them vulnerable to attacks from the patrolling monsters.

The secret to locating the correct <Soul Icon Protection Stone> is paying attention to the combination of three glyphs inscribed on each of them. The correct combination, and therefore the correct <Soul Icon Protection Stone> to interact with, is determined by stone tablets dropped by the three <Soul Icon Stone Keepers> scattered throughout the room. Each will drop one of the three glyphs pointing towards the correct <Soul Icon Protection Stone> when killed. The stone on which all three glyphs match with the glyphs dropped by the <Soul Icon Stone Keepers> is the correct one.

Tablet Engraving on Stone
Light Glyph Stone Tablet <Light Glyph Stone Tablet>
Mirash Glyph Ex - Light
Ice Glyph Stone Tablet <Ice Glyph Stone Tablet>
Mirash Glyph Ex - Ice
Fire Glyph Stone Tablet <Fire Glyph Stone Tablet>
Mirash Glyph Ex - Fire
Earth Glyph Stone Tablet <Earth Glyph Stone Tablet>
Mirash Glyph Ex - Earth
Shadow Glyph Stone Tablet <Shadow Glyph Stone Tablet>
Mirash Glyph Ex - Shadow

Three patrolling <Kirshka Captains> will be found in this room, each in one of the three 'rings' that surrounded the center of the room, who cannot be induced into any altered states. If aggroed, it is best to simply kill them as their damage is low. Furthermore, the <Soul Icon Stone Keepers> in the room will also sporadically move and will chain aggro a <Kirshka Captain> if the players attacks them while one of the patrol mobs is nearby.

The dropped glyphs can be looted, but having them in the inventory is not required to activate the <Soul Icon Protection Stone>; just memorizing them will do. The glyphs can be very similar to one another (such as fire and ice), so extra attention should be paid to detail to avoid clicking the wrong stone.

Respite Passage Edit

Having opened the door, a small passage will connect to the second timed section. Similar to the Outer Hall, players must find <Guarded Devash> inside the corridor and loot her for the Key type 2 <Altar of Respite Key>. There will be more <Cold Ladder> in here to reset mobs if needed. Going through the door at the end will trigger the timed event for the Altar of Respite.

Altar of Respite Edit

Players are given 3 minutes to perform the task in this room and receive additional rewards, through a chest which spawns on the other side of the door on the back. The main objective in this room is to find <Calida>, an Ancient Harvester witch, and kill her. The catch is that she has five possible spawn locations inside, with the real Calida only appearing in one of them and the remaining four being copies of her: <Obsessive Calida>. The player must find the real <Calida> (without the prefix) and damage her down. The first two times she will disappear and reappear in one of her spawns randomly, with the kill only being possible the third time. The correct version can easily be identified by means of the minimap (hovering the cursor over the white dots), or by just looking around the room.

Killing the <Obsessive Calida> (the wrong version) will simply reset the spawns and be a waste of time. If the player fails to complete the task in time, <Calida> will despawn for good and the player will receive no bonus rewards for this room. Furthermore, <Brigade General Morphus> will spawn at the top of the stairs, and will need to be killed to open the way to the final chamber of the instance.

Wintry Hall Edit

The next and final passage, the Wintry Hall, does not have a key monster and will just require the player to traverse through it. If the player succeeded with the <Calida> task in time, the patrolling Balaur will have disappeared. A <Kirshka Elite Ambusher> will be patrolling the circular platform before the stairs, and can be avoided by using a stealth detection skill. Once the players reaches the top small circles of hail will start falling down the pathway ahead, which will instantly kill the player when stepped on. A final group of three monsters will also come charging at the player.

Banshee Hall Edit

MS - Platform

The final challenge is <Singing Kirshka>, the main boss of Mirash Sanctum. Before jumping down into her platform, players may open the chest next to the path for an Iron Hook <Iron Hook> of they have lost theirs.

Her skill set is simple, but deadly. It includes Macro type 1 <Dancing Ice Arrow> (a single-target attack) and Macro type 1 <Piercing Song> (a frontal line-shaped AoE attack) in addition to her auto-attacks, which are quite powerful by themselves. She will also use Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth>, dealing 20% of the player's HP as damage if he is standing in the affected areas of the platform. The safety area is a cone area behind her, highlighted on the floor.

Her most dangerous attack however is Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction>, which will instantly kill the player. The only way to survive it is to use the Iron Hook <Iron Hook> on any nearby <Cold Ladder> before Kirshka finishes casting the skill.

After each Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction> Kirshka will use Summon Water Energy I (Elyos) <Humming>, increasing her attack power progressively by 1.2, 1.5 and 2 times whenever the skill is used, up to its third tier. This is a good time to use long-cast spells or high damage skills. Her boosted attacks may overwhelm lower geared players, therefore acting as a sort of invisible time limit. It is not however its more dangerous aspect. Getting hit by Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth> will leave players with extremely low HP. Added to the effect of Summon Water Energy I (Elyos) <Humming>, <Kirshka'sSinging Kirshka> following auto attack is likely to kill the player instantly. This makes Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth> a lot less forgiving.

Provided the player manages to outplay <Singing Kirshka>, she will leave behind a treasure chest holding generous rewards.

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Rewards Edit

Source Rewards
Soul Vault
Altar of Respite
<Singing Kirshka>

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Trivia Edit

  • Originally this instance was designed for players of level 66+. The entrance was located inside the Divine Fortress for the faction which controlled the fortress, although there also was also a second entrance outside the fortress for the faction currently not holding it. If Balaur owned the fortress, the instance would not be accessible at all.
    • The 5.8 version of the instance had a chance to award Level 70 Abyss Gear, which could be used, traded in to an NPC standing outside the main entrance for its equivalent value in AP, or sold on the broker for kinah.
    • The Altar of Respite originally had another bonus loot chest, which could be obtained by slaying <Vahula>, a named Drakan in the center of the room who is carrying around a treasure chest.
  • With the 6.0 update this instance was adjusted into a lower difficulty version of the original, designed for level 76+ players. It could since be accessed from the Lebu Forest (Elyos Logo small Elyos) and the Mysterious Mushroom Dwelling (Asmodian Logo small Asmodian) in Lakrum. Alongside the Cradle of Eternity this instance awarded players their first Ancient gear, a decent set to begin endgame PvE content with.
  • The weapon used by the instance's final boss, <Singing Kirshka>, would later be revealed to have been a prototype for the weapon used by the new Vandal (Painter) class that was introduced in 7.0.
  • <OrissanGuardian Deity General Orissan> was originally listed as the supervisor for the Mirash Sanctum but he does not appear inside, instead serving as the Guardian General for the Divine Fortress itself.
  • During the Kirshka fight, hail would originally be raining down on all four pillars with the <Cold Ladder> continuously, instantly killing the player if they tried to get onto them. As Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction> was being used, hail would stop falling on one of them and resume after Kirshka finished her skill, requiring the player to find, get on and get off the correct pillar within a short timespan. This aspect was removed with the 6.5 update.
  • The instance is referred to as "idabre_core_03" in files.
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