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Minions, also known as Combat Pets, are companions available to players after level 10. Introduced in the 5.5 patch, they are similar to pets, but with several more functions and complexity.

Minions boost the summoner's (the player's) stats, grant them access to exclusive skills and will fulfill most special pets' features, such as looting, detecting enemies and using consumables for their owner (in return for a small fee). They do not offer additional storage space however; this feature is exclusive to certain pets.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Players are instructed about Minions through a quest automatically obtained at level 10. This one will ask them to use a Lesser Minion Contract.gif <Lesser Minion Contract>, given by the quest itself, and visit the Minion Administrator NPCs in Sanctum/Pandaemonium or Lakrum. As reward, players will be given their first Minion Contract, a Greater Minion Contract.gif <Special Minion Contract>.

Additional and higher grade minion contracts may be acquired from endgame content (level 76+), events, or opening lockboxes.

Interface[edit | edit source]

An Abija from a Contract

Minions can be accessed, modified and removed from the [Minion Window] under the Menu. Once open, there will be three tabs available.

Contract[edit | edit source]

From this tab, players may activate new Minions. In order for that, the player must be first in possession of a Minion Contract. These scrolls can be registered on the slot at the bottom, or being directly used from the Inventory. Pressing the "Contract" button will activate the contract and assign the player a Minion.

Minion Contracts will always give a random Minion, meaning there is no way of guaranteeing a specific one (the only exception being Minion-specific contracts). That said, there are different qualities of contracts available which allow the player to thin out the possibilities of what Minion to get. Logically, the best Minion contracts will give the best chances to get the best types available.

List[edit | edit source]

List tab + Minion Info

From this other tab, players can interact with their already acquired Minions. They may filter them depending on their grade or sort them as desired. From the bottom, players can check their current Minion Energy, required to use skills.

Combine[edit | edit source]

Finally, this tab is meant as an alternative way to acquire Minions outside Minion Contracts. Combining allows users to attempt to gamble for greater Minions using lesser ones. It requires four Minions of the same grade and Evolution Stage 4. Each attempt costs Kinah.gif 50,000 Kinah and will consume all four of the selected Minions. If it succeeds, a random Minion of the following greater grade will be obtained.

If it fails, the player will end up with a random Minion of the same grade they attempted combining. Kerub minions cannot be used for this method. This method is based entirely on luck, with no way of improving the odds.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Evolution[edit | edit source]

With the exception of Kerub-types, all Minions have four evolution stages. Benefits include increasing the values for attributes boosted and unlocking/enhancing the Minion's specific skills.

Evolution is done by using the "Upgrade" button in their respective information window. First, depending on their grade and evolution level, a certain amount of "Minion Points" will be required. These are obtained by using other Minions as materials (the higher the quality of the registered Minion giving more points) or acquiring XP from mobs or quests while having the desired Minion summoned.

When the bar reaches 50% of the Minion Points required, it will turn gold, meaning the Minion will now have a bigger stat boost. Finally, at 100%, the Minion will be almost ready to evolve.

The second requirement for evolving a Minion is having enough Minium and Kinah to proceed. These must be in the player's possession to proceed with the evolution. Minium is Grade-dependent, meaning a Grade A Minion requires Minium.gif <Grade A Minium>, Grade B requires Minium.gif <Grade B Minium> and Grade C Minium.gif <Grade C Minium>. Logically, grade and evolution level will affect the amount required. Upon successful evolution, the Minion will have its Minion Points bar reset to zero, and the process repeats. Minions can only evolve up to Evolution Stage 4, after which they will not accept Minion Points.

Grade A
Stage 1 to 2 Stage 2 to 3 Stage 3 to 4
Minion Points 136,023,168 238,040,544 340,057,920
Minium Minium.gif <Grade A Minium>​ x600 Minium.gif <Grade A Minium> x1,000 Minium.gif <Grade A Minium>​​ x2,000
Kinah Kinah.gif 10,000,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 10,000,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 10,000,000 Kinah
Grade B
Stage 1 to 2 Stage 2 to 3 Stage 3 to 4
Minion Points 45,341,056 79,346,848 113,352,640
Minium Minium.gif <Grade B Minium>​ x300 Minium.gif <Grade B Minium> x500 Minium.gif <Grade B Minium>​​ x1,000
Kinah Kinah.gif 300,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 600,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 1,000,000 Kinah
Grade C
Stage 1 to 2 Stage 2 to 3 Stage 3 to 4
Minion Points 15,113,685 26,448,949 37,784,213
Minium Minium.gif <Grade C Minium>​ x150 Minium.gif <Grade C Minium> x250 Minium.gif <Grade C Minium>​​ x500
Kinah Kinah.gif 22,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 37,000 Kinah Kinah.gif 74,000 Kinah

Evolution stages are represented by small wing icons next to the Minion's portrait. Each wing icon variation means something different.

Icon Stage
Minion Blue Wing.png
The Minion has acquired Minion Points.
Minion Gold Wing.png
The Minion has reached 50% of the Minion Points required to evolve.
The Minion has evolved once.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Every Minion allows its summoner to use special skills, only available if the said Minion is active. Kerub types will only grant Crouching Dragon Kick <Crouching Dragon Kick>, while normal Minions will each have two skills; Skill 1 and Skill 2. All Skill 1 skills share cooldown with each other (5 minutes), and Skill 2 are toggle passive skills. These skills do not consume MP or DP. Instead, they cost Minion Energy, which can only be refilled killing other players (PvP) or turning in quests. Once fully recharged, Skill 1 can be used, and doing so will completely deplete Minion Energy. Minion Energy is shared between every Minion. Skill 2 is disabled if the Minion is dismissed or if the player dies.

By default, Minions start with only Skill 1 available for use. After being evolved once, to Evolution Stage 2, an improved version of the skill will take its place. Reaching Evolution Stage 3 will unlock Skill 2. And, finally, the improved version of Skill 2 comes at Evolution Stage 4.

Summoning Effect[edit | edit source]

As long as the Minion is summoned, players will receive a boost on their attributes. The amount of stats boosted depends on the grade of the Minion, while values will be affected by evolution stage and amount of Minion Points. Depending on the class of the player, the attributes boosted will either be magical (Magic Attack, Magic Crit and Magic Accuracy) or physical (Physical Attack, Physical Crit and Accuracy).

Values boosted are increased in two occasions; once their Minion Point bar is at least 50% full, and when the Minion fully evolves. The stat boost is lost if the Minion is dismissed.

Grade A
Evolution Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Minion Points Default 50% Default 50% Default 50% Default
Magic Attack Physical Attack +16 +45 +74 +103 +132 +161 +190
Magic Crit Physical Crit +20 +50 +80 +110 +140 +170 +200
Magic Accuracy Accuracy +22 +55 +88 +121 +154 +187 +220
HP +540 +1,284 +2,028 +2,772 +3,516 +4,258 +5,000
Grade B
Evolution Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Minion Points Default 50% Default 50% Default 50% Default
Magic Attack Physical Attack +8 +22 +37 +51 +66 +80 +95
Magic Crit Physical Crit +10 +25 +40 +55 +70 +85 +100
Magic Accuracy Accuracy +11 +27 +44 +60 +77 +93 +110
HP +270 +642 +1,014 +1,386 +1,758 +2,129 +2,500
Grade C
Evolution Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Minion Points Default 50% Default 50% Default 50% Default
Magic Attack Physical Attack +4 +11 +19 +26 +33 +40 +47
Magic Crit Physical Crit +5 +12 +20 +27 +35 +42 +50
Magic Accuracy Accuracy +6 +14 +22 +30 +39 +47 +55
HP +135 +321 +507 +693 +879 +1,064 +1,250

Minion Feature[edit | edit source]

Minion - Feature.png

Minion Feature is only available to normal non-Kerub Minions. Based around the special features given to pets, Minions can:

  • Auto-Loot: Loot items from mobs instantly after being killed.
  • Buff Master: Use scrolls for the summoner automatically when they are not under their effect.
  • Alert Function: Detect members of the opposing faction within a certain range.

Enabling this feature will make it available for all Minions in the player's possession (excluding Kerubs). It requires a 22px Minion Contract Stone, bought from the Gold Sand Traders shop Kinah.gif 1,500,000 Kinah, and will last for 30 days (real time).

Listing[edit | edit source]

Minions come in different types, from Grade A to D, the former being the most powerful. The grade not only determines their power, but also the amount of resources required for evolution. There is another sub-type to consider between them however; Normal and Kerub Minions. Kerub Minions cannot be enhanced in any way, are extremely weak. These are mostly intended to be used as a source of Minion Points for better Minions.

Kerub[edit | edit source]

Grade Name Stat Boost Skills
Physical Magical
A Arch Kerubiel <Arch Kerubiel> Physical Attack +16 Magic Attack +16 Crouching Dragon Kick <Crouching Dragon Kick>
Physical Crit +20 Magic Crit +20
Accuracy +22 Magic Accuracy +22
HP +540
B Kerubiel <Kerubiel> Physical Attack +8 Magic Attack +8 Crouching Dragon Kick <Crouching Dragon Kick>
Physical Crit +10 Magic Crit +10
Accuracy +11 Magic Accuracy +11
HP +270
C Kerubian <Kerubian> Physical Attack +4 Magic Attack +4 Crouching Dragon Kick <Crouching Dragon Kick>
Physical Crit +5 Magic Crit +5
Accuracy +6 Magic Accuracy +6
HP +135
D Kerubim <Kerubim> Physical Attack +2 Magic Attack +2 Crouching Dragon Kick <Crouching Dragon Kick>
Physical Crit +3 Magic Crit +3
Accuracy +3 Magic Accuracy +3
HP +65

Normal[edit | edit source]

Grade Name Skills
Basic Enhanced
A Hyperion (M) <HyperionHyperion (M)> Energy Discharge (M) <Energy Discharge (M)> Strengthened Energy Discharge <Strengthened Energy Discharge>
Ide Aetheric Field (M) <Ide Aetheric Field (M)> Strengthened Ide Aetheric Field <Strengthened Ide Aetheric Field>
Kromede (M) <KromedeKromede (M)> Shocking Repeat Fire <Shocking Repeat Fire> Strengthened Shocking Repeat Fire <Strengthened Shocking Repeat Fire>
Miserable Struggle (M) <Miserable Struggle (M)> Strengthened Miserable Struggle <Strengthened Miserable Struggle>
Modor <Modor> Freezing Sphere of Revenge (M) <Freezing Sphere of Revenge (M)> Enhanced Freezing Sphere of Revenge <Enhanced Freezing Sphere of Revenge>
Tear Space <Tear Space> Enhanced Tear Space <Enhanced Tear Space>
Sheba <Sheba> Spiritual Shot (M) <Spiritual Shot (M)> Enhanced Spiritual Shot <Enhanced Spiritual Shot>
Wolf of Death <Wolf of Death> Enhanced Wolf of Death <Enhanced Wolf of Death>
Viola (M) <ViolaViola (M)> Splendor of Restoration <Splendor of Restoration> Strengthened Splendor of Restoration <Strengthened Splendor of Restoration>
Transformation Old Friend <Transformation Old Friend> Strengthened Transformation Old Friend <Strengthened Transformation Old Friend>
B Abija <Abija> Magic Sphere <Magic Sphere> Enhanced Magic Sphere <Enhanced Magic Sphere>
Health Enhancement <Health Enhancement> Enhanced Health Enhancement <Enhanced Health Enhancement>
Hamerun (M) <HamerunHamerun (M)> Assault Slash <Assault Slash> Enhanced Assault Slash <Enhanced Assault Slash>
Hamerun's Anger <Hamerun's Anger> Enhanced Hamerun's Anger <Enhanced Hamerun's Anger>
Karemiwen <Karemiwen> Cold Storm <Cold Storm> Strengthened Cold Storm <Strengthened Cold Storm>
Deep Wound (M) <Deep Wound (M)> Strengthened Deep Wound <Strengthened Deep Wound>
Saendukal (M) <SaendukalSaendukal (M)> Pulverizing Attack <Pulverizing Attack> Strengthened Pulverizing Attack <Strengthened Pulverizing Attack>
Furious Outburst <Furious Outburst> Strengthened Furious Outburst <Strengthened Furious Outburst>
C Seiren (M) <SeirenSeiren (M)> Water Energy <Water Energy> Enhanced Water Energy <Enhanced Water Energy>
Summon Water Drop <Summon Water Drop> Enhanced Summon Water Drop <Enhanced Summon Water Drop>
Steel Rose (M) <Steel RoseSteel Rose (M)> Powerful Shot <Powerful Shot> Enhanced Powerful Shot <Enhanced Powerful Shot>
Mental Eruptive Shot <Mental Eruptive Shot> Enhanced Mental Eruptive Shot <Enhanced Mental Eruptive Shot>

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Minions were originally only meant for Archdaevas when they were first introduced. Later, as of 5.8, they were made available for all Daevas starting at level 10.
  • Each non-Kerub Minion is based on popular characters present across Aion, as well as their signature abilities.
  • In-game quests explained that Minions are actually lesser spirits, that use the power of Aether to transform themselves and take on the appearances of existing NPC characters in Aion. Higher grade minions can transform into stronger NPCs.
  • The background on the Minion Contract tab is artwork for the Moon Thicket in Levinshor.
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