Midnight Squadron was founded in 1995 for the purpose of creating an organized and experienced Decent clan. We have expanded in both size and number of games since then but our objectives have always remained the same: To provide an organized, disciplined, and most importantly, fun gaming environment for our members.

"Of course! Anyone may join if they prove to be MS quality! MS quality doesn't mean the best at the game or the most hardcore, it means you're respectful to your fellow gamers, You have a willingness to teach newcomers as well as learn from experienced members. In MS we don't demand any respect, we offer ours freely and expect it to be returned. Any approved cadet will notice that from day one he/she is greeted with friendliness, and as long as you approve of our ways and respect our members, you too can be part of our family."
-On the question if an individual was allowed to join.

Aion Division of Midnight Squadron Edit

Midnight Squadron is an Elyos Legion on the Israphel server with its sights set on both the PvP and PvE aspects of end-game content. We are a serious group that excels in game, while keeping it entertaining. We consider ourselves to be semi-hardcore; we get the job done without spending countless hours attempting to brute force our way to a solution. We are experienced gamers with a solid comprehension of class mechanics and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any situation. We acknowledge that we are only as strong as our weakest link and as such strive to assist our members in every way possible both in game and helping with real life issues with advice. We are a brotherhood of epic proportions and legendary moral fiber. Leave no man behind is a common adage heard here at the Midnight Squadron.

Recruitment Edit

We are currently looking for like minded individuals. We are a guild/clan with a history in a number of games from first person shooters, to flight simulators, to MMOs of every genre. We are currently looking for players that will be as committed to having a good time and seeing all that the end game has to offer as we are.

We are an 18+ guild. There are exceptions to this that may be made in certain circumstances if someone younger is interested. A lot of our members are in their late 20s through early 40s.

We plan on participating in all aspects of this game. This includes PvP and end-game content. We will NOT be a heavy raiding guild with 5 night per week requirements, but we will still have some expectation of assisting the guild with progressing through content. If a recruit has a conflict or commitments, that does not preclude you from joining, we just prefer that you make us aware of it.

Our goals are to have a guild that is willing to help all of its members without feeling that they must sacrifice their own enjoyment of the game to do so. A mutually assisting group of loyal members who keep the guild's interests in with their own is what we strive to achieve.

Member List Edit

(as of 12/20/2009)

Commanding Officer - Ikoniak
Executive Officer - Oberon
Team Leaders - Seraph
Officers - Waylain, Getz, DuncanIdaho
Cadets - EdricTheGlad, Kittim, Nahla, Paperbox, Ruxl, Emilee, Krayce, Omghealslawl, PoisonIvy, Royabi

Midnight Squadron Edit

Mission Statement:
Midnight Squadron was founded in 1995 by Capm and Tire for the purpose of creating an organized and experienced Descent clan.

We may have expanded ten-fold since then but our objectives have always remained the same:

- To provide an organized, disciplined, and most importantly, fun gaming environment for our members.
- Our values are maturity, respect, honor, fun, and loyalty.
- These five core values have created a rock solid and fun foundation for our members.

Core Values Edit


Honor is THE most important part of being a Member of Midnight Squadron.

- A keen sense of right and wrong, adherence to the principles of good behavior.

- A Purity of Heart. Treating people with respect. Doing unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is the Highest Law of Midnight Squadron.

"Without Honor, you are nothing. Without Honor, you are not MS."


- A faithfulness to our ideals, motives, beliefs and to each other is essential to be a part of our team. Midnight Squadron is not just another group. We are a FAMILY.
- We are a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, somebody to have fun with.
- If we can't count on each other, who can we count on?


- You cannot have an organized and mature organization without a great deal of personal respect for other members.
- We go on vacations together, visit each other, and some of us have even become roommates. - This organization is not just a clan, it is a community of like minded and mature gamers who are as at home with each other online as they are in the real world. We are not an elitist organization, and do not discriminate except upon a member's attitude.


- Midnight Squadron has a low tolerance for juvenile behavior. We look upon people who think they are better then another person harshly, and will not tolerate prejudice or elitism in this form.
- We do not respond to flames, insults, and attempts at starting an argument, be it from another clan or individual, or from within our organization. - We believe in the old school internet system of mutual respect. One of the fastest ways out the door here is being disrespectful of other members of the clan and gaming community.

Having Fun

- Because that's why we're here in the first place; to have fun.
- There is some work in Midnight Squadron, but it must not go to the extent that it infringes on our purpose of having fun. - We're here to relax, have a good time, make some friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. There is no place for ego here.

General Guidelines Edit

1. We are a team.
2. Attack one of us, and you have attacked all of us.
3. Experience matters, but teamwork is paramount.
4. Absolutely no teamkilling.
5. No communication to the other team during the match, except as approved by command.
6. We treat the game AS a game. We're here to have fun.
7. We act maturely even to those who do not.
8. We are led by those who have earned our trust and respect.
9. Assisting other members takes precedence over personal goals within the team. 10. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Protocol Edit

Protocol is a moderation tool employed by command during meetings on irc, and during matches when necessary to facilitate effective communication.

The guidelines are simple:
1. You may not speak unless addressed.
2. If you have an issue that needs immediate attention you will post a single question mark in chat ( ? ). This is the equivalent of raising your hand in class, you will be acknowledged when appropriate.

3. When protocol is issued all conversations will immediately cease and the command member who issued it will be granted your complete attention.

Personnel Behavior and Conflicts Edit

Conflicts with other members in the team can, and will occur. The following guidelines have been laid out to address any such issues that arise.

If you have a problem with a fellow member, you will report it to your division CO/XO immediately. While we do have a mediation system in place, we encourage members to try to solve personal differences privately, before attempting a more escalated solution.
We believe that a member should, for the most part, be able to deal with these types of situations themselves. However, please report that you are having trouble with another member so the situation can be monitored, and mediated, if necessary.
If your CO/XO feels he is unable to make an unbiased decision or unable to handle the problem himself, the problem will go up the chain of command.
If your issue is with your commander you will address the issue to the appropriate Senior Advisory Command member, who will follow much the same procedure as your CO/XO.
Most problems and issues can be solved through this method without having to ask for a members resignation, or someone quitting the clan. If you ever feel you need to quit the clan, you haven't raised your opinion with us. We have an open door policy, USE IT! You may not be the only person that is being frustrated with the same problem.
This team does not discriminate except for attitude. You are expected to act with maturity at all times. If you feel that another player is inferior to you this is not the clan for you. We will take notice of the people who feel they should win simply because they wear our tag, and look upon them unkindly.
Use of racist or sexist remarks is forbidden under all circumstances.
Disrupting the balance of the team will not be tolerated.
From time to time, our server will be open for public use. If you are on the server, you must report incidents of cheating, unfair tactics(exploiting), and abusive players to Senior Command as soon as possible.
Rough language is allowed on the server, but personal attacks, threats, and attempted hacking will not be tolerated.
During matches and scrimmages, you MAY NOT talk to the other team. The team leaders will speak for the team and the decisions made during the match will be final.
You are expected to follow orders of your squad leader and members of higher rank TO THE LETTER. This is the only way to make a team work. We do, however, encourage you to take the initiative if required.
If the need arises, do what is necessary, but attempt to alert your teammates that you are off-task and what you are doing. Make sure to get back to your assigned task as soon as you can.
Members that repeatedly disobey orders will be disciplined.

Actions specifically banned:

- Accusing the other team of cheating.

- Taunting or cursing at the other team.
- Switching between offense and defense without permission.
- Personal attacks against teammates or opposing players. - General disruptive behavior.

Disciplinary Policy: Edit

This clan uses a 24 hour cooling off period. No significant action will be taken against a member for 24 hours after the initial infraction (except in extreme cases). After that time, we will either resolve the situation or take disciplinary action.
Additionally, to avoid misunderstandings and allow for rethinking of a members actions, you can NOT instantly quit the team. Any statement made that indicates you are quitting the team (including wearing another team's tag) will not be considered permanent for 24 hours after the statement is made. This allows members to cool down and reconsider their actions.

Inter-Squad Interaction Policy Edit

You may play for ALLIED teams or clans (but not as a leader or strategy coordinator). If it is suspected that you are giving out information about our strategies to other teams, you may face a general dismissal.
You may be a member of a clan that plays another game besides those in our Divisions, members are expected to give priority to this organization and it's scheduled events if there is a conflict in scheduling.

Ranks Edit

Regardless of rank (with the exception of Cadet), Command authority is broken down into groups, which supersede rank. These are directly tied to the usergroups on the forums also.


A Cadet is just that, someone who has been recruited into the clan by a Division Commander. In order to receive this rank, a potential candidate must fulfill all the requirements for application to the clan, based on the division they have applied for. the authority to add someone the the recruit rank is granted to all Division Officers and Senior Commanders. In order to maintain this rank, a Recruit must remain active and show growth and a general acceptance of the Midnight Squadron Code of Conduct. Recruits report to a designated Team Leader or the Executive Officer.


An Officer(regular member) is someone who has successfully met the requirements to be a full member of the Midnight Squadron. In order to receive this rank, a Recruit must satisfy all recruitment requirements, including a time requirement, to his/her Division Commander(s). The authority to promote a Recruit to a full Member is granted to all Division Officers and Senior Commanders. In order to maintain this rank, a Member must examplify the Midnight Squadron Code of Conduct in their daily matters with the clan, as well as maintaining an active role in the Midnight Squadron. Members report to Team Leaders, or Executive Officer in case of a lack thereof.

  Team Leaders

A Team Leader is someone who has shown that not only can they play, they can lead as well. In order to receive this rank, a Member must exhibit dedication and drive above and beyond the call, and show a willingness or talent to lead, to his/her Division Commander(s). The authority to promote a Member to Team Leader is granted to all Division Officers and Senior Commanders. In order to maintain this rank, a Team Leader must exemplify the Midnight Squadron Code of Conduct in their daily matters with the clan, as well as maintaining an active role in the Midnight Squadron, and have a unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The Team Leader reports to the Executive Officer.

  Technical Administrators

A Technical Admin is someone who has a designated role administering a specific department In order to receive this rank, a Member must exhibit dedication and drive above and beyond the call, and show a willingness to handle projects not normally done by a conventional gamer. The authority to promote a Member to Technical Admin is granted to all Commanding Officers, although rare, and Senior Commanders. In order to maintain this rank, a Technical Admin must exemplify the Midnight Squadron Code of Conduct in their daily matters with the clan, as well as maintaining an active role in the Midnight Squadron, and have the ability and time to operate behind the scenes. The Technical Administrator reports to either a Commanding Officer or to Senior Command.

  Division Executive Officer

An Executive Officer, or XO, is the executor, or second-in-command of a division, and works directly under the Commanding Officer of a division. There is only one XO per Division in the MS, so obtaining this rank is extremely difficult. There are no real requirements to reach Executive Officer, but experience as a Team Leader is very helpful. The Executive Officer is selected by the Commanding Officer, and then approved by Senior Command. An Executive Officer's role in Midnight Squadron is to handle all incoming reports from members and Team Leaders, and to act as the Commanding Officer when he/she is not present.

  Division Commanding Officer

A Commanding Officer, or CO, is the commander of a division, and works directly with Senior Command. There is only one CO per Division in the MS, so obtaining this rank is extremely difficult. There are no real requirements to reach Commanding Officer, but experience as a Team Leader or Executive Officer is very helpful. The Commanding Officer is selected by Senior Command, or by the relieved Commanding Officer, at the discretion of Senior Command. A Commanding Officer's role in Midnight Squadron is to lead the Division they are responsible for, handle escalated reports from the Executive Officer or Technical Administrators, and to carry out the directives of Senior Command.

  Senior Command

A Senior Commander is the supreme authority for the clan. Senior Commanders work as a team and individually to ensure smooth operations of the clan. Only Senior Command may promote to Senior Command. Senior Commanders do not generally dabble in the operations of individual Divisions, and will more than likely take concerns to the Commanding Officers, opposed to confronting members directly. Senior Command is also responsible for oversight of the Midnight Squadron Design Studios.

Applications Edit

To be considered for recruitment you must fulfill the following requirements:

1) Sign up to the forums (

2) Read the Code of Conduct and our Command Structure before applying.

3) Download Xfire and Teamspeak as these are our primary cross-platform in game communication programs.

4) You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18, you need to obtain permission from the Division CO and parental consent - We will not recruit kids but young adults are more then welcome. Recruits below age 18 will be evaluated individually and will have an extended Cadet Phase.

5) Of course, you must fill out an Application.

After you have completed these steps you will be eligible for the apprenticeship process. Cadets of the Midnight Squadron are appointed, at the discretion of the Division Command. Each Division handles the Cadet Phase slightly different. Sponsorship, a process where an individual or group of individuals assist the new cadet in acclimating to the team, may or may not be used by the individual Divisions.

Lastly, be sure to post a greeting in the Meet & Greet section of the recruitment forum and introduce yourself to the rest of the members.
Thank you for applying for membership to the Midnight Squadron. The Division CO or XO for the game you apply for will contact you shortly either by replying to your application thread or by private message.
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