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Micorunerk is a smuggler doing business during the day at Apellbine Tavern in Pandaemonium. At night he wanders about back alleys of Crandale District.

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Dialogue Edit

"Welcome,welcome! Daeva must not be shy!
Perhaps Daeva needs help with things, yes? Perhaps wants certain...items not found here?
Clever Miconyerk[sic] is your Shugo! Can find anything, and for reasonable prices! Yes, yes!"
1 "You're a smuggler, then?"
X "No thanks."
"Smuggle? Smuggle? Daeva must not call it that. Smuggling is forbidden, Shugos can be expelled, nyerk.
Nothing is wrong with...difficult trading. Not dangerous, no no. Not forbidden in any way!
Perhaps one day, all Daevas will understand. Until then, Miconyerk waits in Apellbine Tavernm, or in the back alleys round the square."
X "Right..."
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