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  • After a long period of tinkering (and with thanks for the archived content navbox you fixed) I have at last pushed ahead with the main page update I had in the works. There's probably a lot of changes to go over, but here is the gist of what I tried to do:

    1. Removal of obsolete content

    The main page still had references to removed or obsolete content, such as The Abyss, Dredgion, Conditioning etc. These have all been removed.

    2. Addition of new content

    Certain sections were expanded to list content that wasn't included before, but is (still) very relevant. For example, "Campaigns" was added to PvE, as (now more than ever) the story quests are your main means of leveling up. Similarly the PvP section has been expanded to include AP and GP, and PvPvE now has a reference to "Battlegrounds".

    I have also added references to the relevant (endgame) systems. This includes "Luna Shop", which wasn't present on the main page before but is a major feature of the game, as well as many of StyvenOV's wonderful pages such as "Cubicles", "Pandora Agency" and "Minions".

    3. Restructuring

    Most notably, the page was overhauled.

    - Gameplay: Mostly the same. Some new references were added, others (re)moved. Added a cleared distinction between PvE and PvP.

    - Equipment: The different types of weapons, armors, accessories in this tab were removed. Reason is that the main pages (Weapons, Armor) neatly list all the possibly subsets of gear, which was sufficient in my eyes since 6.0 greatly simplified the gearing system. The space this created was used to list the remains of the Crafting tab. Crafting is now a minor system, and is mainly used to craft equipment anyways.

    - Systems & Features: The old crafting tab is now used to list Aion's major systems, with a distinction between the basics (1-75) and the specific features relevant for endgame players (76-80).

    Other changes are things like "Flight" being moved down from "Running the Game" (first tab) to "Basics" (third tab), since flight is no longer Aion's trademark system but rather a minor feature that is only relevant during one siege and is only allowed in a few areas.

    The previous main page can still be checked via the change log, and we can further edit the new main page based off that if desired.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You added that "Some floors can be skipped entirely (denoted with red borders)."

    What do you mean floors can be skipped? I havent seen others skipping floors. How is it performed?

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  • I've been planning to do a cleanup for the mainpage here, which is rather extensive and filled with links to removed or dated content. To that end I've created several navboxes which I was hoping to collect into a dropdown-style navbox with children, similar to what you did with Template:Instance_nav.

    I was wondering if you could go over the newly created Template:Removed Content and work the same magic you used on the parent instance navbox?

    The correct references have been included in the WIP removed content navbox, but here are the subset navboxes I've created just in case.

    "removed systems nav" -> Template:Discontinued_systems
    "removed crafting nav" -> Template:Crafting_(Old)
    "removed maps nav" -> Template:Removed_Maps

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  • I would like to add an icon for pistol and harp, but I only have the image in .jpg, which program you use to create a .gif image (please do not say photoshop). ;) 

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  • How to do the page naming for Ancient Goblet Bundle (Luna) since we already have Ancient Goblet Bundle

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  • Currently am into instances and lores. For now, can I add template, navbox at the below of instance page for instances list (rather than using category page), and also infobox at the right side page, to summarize instance details.

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    • It looks like you already did. I would suggest making it auto-collapse initially so it's not huge on the page.

      Aion Wiki doesn't use a - for separators, we use •. (it can be found in the edit tools more + at the top when editing a page)

      Also, they generally look better if a line never starts with a . To prevent that, add   before each like so: [[page link]] • [[next link]].

      Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    • I saw using - on FF wiki so I thought that's the only way to do it. I'll change it in near time. 

      I've applied state "collapsed", so it's already collapsed. I'll let you know if I have questions later.

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  • I have recently noticed the Mythic (purple) grade is not coded into the item templates, and therefore does not display correctly in tooltips/infoboxes and when the item is being linked. Are you able to do anything about it?

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