Meslamtaeda is the 2nd ranked Dragon Lord. He is fascinated by battle and destruction and has such a hot temper that even Fregion has a hard time controlling him. He possesses such strength that among the Dragon Lords, only Fregion is not afraid to offend him. Even though he is known as the master of death and fear, many Balaur support him because they respect his strict principles and his decisive and straightforward personality.  

Trivia Edit

  • Meslamtaeda is the only Dragon Lord who has not received any sort of preview as to his appearance or element over the course of the game yet, making him the biggest mystery among the Dragon Lords. His name however is mentioned a couple of times in-game:
    • In the Memories of the Past Campaign (Elyos) <Beritra> was seen telling Israphel that he doubted Meslamtaeda and Tiamat would agree to the idea of a peace conference to end the Millenium War.
    • He led the charge against the shrines and temples of Aion in Verteron in the past. A mere three words spoken by him were enough to petrify all priests and curse them into spending eternity as statues.

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