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Merops is the former security warden of Rentus Base. After doubting of the war against the Balaur and being deceived by <Brigade General Vasharti>, he betrayed his tribe and allowed the Balaur to infiltrate the settlement.

History Edit

Merops had recently suffered a tragedy as he was appointed warden of Rentus Base; a facility built to create and store weaponry and armour. His three children had died due to a raid from the Balaur. While severely affected by this event, he attempted to keep his head cool, hiding his despair from the rest.

His daily work intensified as Rentus Base began to develop further, keeping his mind away from those thoughts. However, tragedy hit him once again when an accident in the Residential Zone took away the life of several workers. Shocked by this, he began questioning the reason behind the base was being built. War had severed away people on his life; both acquaintances and relatives.

While being swallowed by pain and stress, he met a high ranked Balaur general, <Brigade General Vasharti>. He was told by him how he wished the hatred between both races ended. With a common goal, Vasharti agreed to talk with Tiamat to attempt more peaceful measures, in exchange of Merops sharing secrets of the base and letting him claim it.

This, however, sealed the fall of Rentus Base. Vasharti, had lied about his intentions and launched a full assault on the facility when defences were lowered. When Merops confronted Vasharti, asking him not to attack the Reians, Vasharti betrayed him, calling him "coward" and "traitor", ending the warden's life with a final strike, putting an end to Merops' tale of hope and despair.

Location Edit

  • Rentus Base
    • Outer Barricade/Residential Zone/Military Supply Base/The Bridge

Quotes Edit

  • "No more of our children must die in futile battle."
  • "Don't be fools! Accept what fate has dealt you and escape to live what life you can!"
  • "Give up! Pride and daring have no place in this world anymore!"
  • "Go now and avoid more bloodshed. This base must fall so the Reian Tribe can live."
  • "Rentus is yours. It is time for you to fulfil your end of the bargain, Vasharti!"

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