Mental Eruptive Shot
Mental Eruptive Shot
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 0s
Class Minion
Level 10
Type Active
Target Self
Mental Eruptive Shot
lvl 1 - 9
Decreases a target's MP by 600 with a 3% chance each time you are attacked.
Cast Time
Cast Instantly

Mental Eruptive Shot is a Minion skill available when Steel Rose (M) (icon) <Steel RoseSteel Rose (M)> (Stage 3) is summoned. Each time you receive damage, there is a 3% chance that it reduces the target's MP by 600.

History Edit

Patch 5.5 Edit

Inflicts 600 magical damage on a target within 25 and decreases its MP by 250.

Inflicts less damage if the target is a player.

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