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Menon is found at the Outer Dock. She's a trustworthy woman who would like to help you avoid being cheated by disreputable individuals. You should probably give her all your Kinah for safekeeping. She stands behind the Dionysia Tavern, next to <Deke>, <Benorun>, and <Lityerses>, their boss.

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"Hmm. There's a halo of Aether around you like I've never seen before. You're no ordinary Daeva, that's for sure.
Lean closer, and I'll tell you something that the ordinary Daevas don't know.
Just between you and me, Benorun and Deke are crooks. All they can think about is how they can cheat Elyos who've just stepped off the boat."
1 "I'll keep that in mind."
X "Walk in the light, Menon."
"No problem. Stay away from those crooks.
You're pretty perceptive, though--you probably would have seen right through those guys. Someone as perceptive as you is probably on the lookout for moneymaking opportunities.
I happen to have a little something I can cut you in on, actually. How much money did you say you were carrying...?"
X "Yeah, I'm perceptive all right. Goodbye."
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