Melee is a categorisation of combat. Melee combat comprises of physical damage caused by hand-held weapons. All classes within Aion are capable of inflicting melee damage, but only the GladiatorTemplarAssasin and Chanter are specialised with this type of combat.

Melee classes wield weapons that enhance their melee capabilites. Swords, maces, polearmsdaggers and staves are the main melee weapons in Aion. Maces could either be used by the Gladiator and Templar as a melee weapon, or used by the Cleric to inflict ranged magical damage. Staves could be used by the Chanter as a melee weapon, or used by the Cleric as a ranged weapon as well. 

There are attributes within a character which affect melee damage: Attack, Accuracy and Crit Rate are all offensive-based attributes.

Melee damage can be mitigated by the use of Skills, potions, spells or by wearing armour. Plate armour is the most defensive when fighting a melee specialised class, with Chainmail being the next powerful, followed by Leather and finally Cloth.

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