There are several food baskets in the Sprigg Den. Take Sprigg Fruit from the Sprigg dens and take them to Vanar.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Take Fruit Baskets from the Spriggs and bring them back to <Vanar>.
<Sprigg Fruit> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Harvest Sprigg Fruit from the fruit baskets in the Sprigg Den. Return to Vanar when you have all 5.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Other raiders might crow about ending the Sprigg menace, but you know what? We could be putting Sprigg stupidity to work for us.
Consider this: A farmer harvests five bags of grain one day. That evening, he stores them in his granary. But when he comes back to the granary the next morning, he finds it has all been stolen!"
1 "What's your point?"
"Bear with me. I'm getting there. Later that second day, the farmer gathers another five sacks of grain. But this time, he knows that his granary is not secure, so he takes the sacks into his house. Common sense, right?
Spriggs don't have the common sense of a farmer. Even after we steal the food they gather, they store their baskets in exactly the same places. Bad for Spriggs, sure, but great for us.
I want you to go to the Sprigg Den and fetch me Sprigg Fruit. Do this, and I will reward you well."

Accept Edit

"You seemed like the sort with some common sense, [Player Name]. You aren't just another bloodthirsty raider.
The Sprigg Dens can be found here and throughout the Aldelle Basin. You should have no trouble in finding the dens, especially if you've been wandering around up here for a while.
The food from about five baskets should be enough. We'll keep some for ourselves and put the rest toward the quota."
X "I'm on my way."

Decline Edit

You know raiders are supposed to...what's the word I'm looking! Right? Raid! As in bringing back food and supplies so the rest of Asmodae doesn't starve!
Or maybe you think stale bread and rotting meat is enough to keep us healthy. Good luck with that.
Off with you, then. Common sense isn't as common as I thought."
X "Farewell."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Oh, there you are.
I was wondering what had happened to you. Let's see that food."
1 "Here you go."
"Even if those Spriggs are stupid, they certainly know the difference between good fruit and bad fruit. These look perfect.
These are for you. I'll see that the rest of the food gets on the next caravan to settled lands. Good work...raider."

Summary Edit

Vanar wanted the food the Spriggs had stored in the dens.

You brought baskets of food to Vanar as requested.

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