Medea is asking you to collect Theonia. Collect it on the Patamor Ridge Path or in the Patamor Thicket and bring it to her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Theonia and bring it to <Medea>.
<Theonia> (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Afer getting the quest, buy or essencetap 15 theonia. Return to Medea to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], dear, may I ask a favor of you?
here's something I must do, but I'm too sick to do it."
1 "What do you need?"
"Please collect some Theonia for me.
I promised it to someone, but I got sick, and I don't feel well enough to collect it.
Will you please help me?"

Accept Edit

"I think five stalks of Theonia will be enough.
Look around for Theonia on the Patamor Ridge Path and in the Patamor Thicket.
I'll be here when you return."
X "Goodbye for now."

Decline Edit

"Too important, are you?
Well, never mind then. I'll figure something out."
X "Azphelumbra."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ahh, [Player Name].
Did you get the Theonia I asked you for?"
1 "I have it here."

Failed Item Check Edit

"There are only a few days left until I promised to deliver the Theonia.
Please collect it for me--I'm counting on you!"
X "On my way!"

Successful Item Check Edit

"You brought the Theonia. Thank you for your help!
Here's a reward for you."

Summary Edit

Medea said that she had to collect Theonia, but she couldn't because she was sick.

So you collected it for her.

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