The Mau interpreter, Itu, gave you a potion that would help you understand the Mau language. Drink the potion and speak with the Skurv in the dungeon to find out if it works.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Drink the <Mau Secret Remedy> that enables you to understand the Mau language.
  • Speak with <MuMu Bon> to check whether you can actually understand the Mau language.
  • Talk with <Itu>.

Basic Reward Edit

Given Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After you obtain the quest from Itu, the secret remedy will appear in your inventory. Double click it to use. Next, you will need to speak with Mumu Bon who is held in the Altgard Dungeon. Re-enter Altgard and follow the path to the left until it splits. Take the left side to the dungeon entrance. Follow the path until you get to the cages where prisoners are held. Mumu Bon is being held at the far end. Speak with Mumu Bon, and return to Itu for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Although we've failed here, we'd like to reward you for your assistance.
We'd like to help you learn to speak Mau.
Ultimately, it could prove beneficial to both of us."
1 "I'm interested, go on..."
"While I spent years studying your language, you won't have to invest so much time to learn ours.
There is a potion, you see. We obtained it in advance of our trip so that at least one Daeva might understand our native tongue.
Of course...I got it from a Shugo..."
1 "So?"
"Well, they aren't really known for their honesty so much as their thriftiness.
In any case, we cannot be sure of its potency.
No need to worry, though. In the worst case, it should have no effect at all."


Now, if you can understand a Skurv, who speaks the Mau language but poorly, you can be certain that the potion works.
There is a Skurv named MuMu Bon in the dungeon of this fortress. After you take the potion, try speaking to him and see if you can understand what he says."
X "On my way."


"I understand. You are suspicious of this potion because I obtained it from a Shugo.
You may be right for wondering. He might have given me a poison.
I will find another Daeva willing to help."
X "Good luck."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

Mumu Don
"Miumiu miumiu!
Miumiu! Minumiu miumiu!"
1 "Erm...what?"
"Miumiu miumiu!
Hungry, minumiu!
MuMu Bon hungry!
Want freedom! MuMu Bon go home!"
1 "Whoa..."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name}...
Did you take the potion?
Were you able to understand what MuMu Bon said?"
1 "I did, and I was."
"Excellent! Now Emgata can speak directly with you.
We may have need of you in the future."

Summary Edit

To show his appreciation, Mau Interpreter Itu gave you a potion that would help you understand the Mau language.

After Drinking the potion, you were able to understand it the Skurv in the dungeon.

Notes Edit

  • When trying to use the locate function to find Mumu Bon it will show you a spot in Altgard Fortress. This is where Mumu Bon is being held underground.
  • This quest used to be called Learning the Mau Language, but was changed in a subsequent patch.

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