The Mau are a breed of humanoid beasts found throughout Asmodae. They possess acute agility and a carnal instinct for battle, providing a significant threat to the Asmodians in Pandaemonium.

Characteristics and CultureEdit

The tribes of the Mau are well adapted to their surroundings and live in close harmony with nature. Even before the Cataclysm, the Mau have thrived in cold climates, living in Arctic-like conditions. In contrast to the Asmodians, the Mau thrive and live in abundance. Their territories flourish with lush greenery and agriculture.

They are exceedingly belligerent and courageous. They do not hesitate to bare their grisly teeth when they feel threatened. Typical weaponry used by the Mau is light, sharp, and thrown from a distance – ideal for their agile fighting style. In close combat, however, they are perhaps easier to handle than the brutish Krall. However, the Mau stay close together, making solo combat very difficult. One false move and a whole group of Mau will be on pursuit.

The Mau seem heavily dependent on tribal pride and their dignity towards their ancestors. Mau flags are very important. Missing flags are enough to demoralized the entire tribe.

Another characteristic of the Mau is that they are able to tame nearby beasts. These tamed minions are used against their enemies in battle with startling efficiency. The Mau and Tayga species are very close to one another.

Although the Mau are sophisticated and advanced, their society is almost entirely depended on Skurv labor. The skurv cultivate various crops such as Odella, Ginseng, grain, and frightcorn. The relationship between the two races are symbiotic rather than unequal. While the Mau provide protection, organization, and shelter, the Skurv provide agriculture and labor.

Relationships with the Asmodians Edit


Black Claw Mau

Despite their advantages, the Mau have not managed to dominate the Asmodian territories for one perceivable reason - their lack of unity. The Mau are very able creatures individually, both in strength and intelligence. However, as a whole, their culture revolves around small tribes allowing little organization in warfare. Despite this, they are often found jumping into the forefront of battle when they see their own kind in danger.

The Asmodians actively exploit the Mau's lack of unity. The constant warfare between rivaling tribes have given the Asmodians various opportunities and advancements. However, relationships between the two races aren't completely hostile; the Mau and Asmodians actively seek treaties and alliances with one another.

There also seems to be mutual respect from the Mau towards the Asmodians and vice versa. Many Mau regard the Asmodians as honorary Mau bretheren for certain common attributes such as their claws, manes, and ability to hunt. Asmodians have also learned to respect Mau intelligence and spirit. Both races have a fierce desire to protect one's own kind. Many wars and crises have been successfully avoided and won due to Mau-Asmo compliance, such as the Balaur attempted invasion of Morheim and the Bakarma Legion assault.

While some Mau are friendly towards the Asmodians, there still exists hostility amongst other tribes. The hostile Mau are easy targets for starving Asmodian guards and raiders, and are often raided for grain sacks. It can be assumed that the Ice Claw Tribe is under Asmodian influence and control after the successful campaign mission, "The Hand Behind The Ice Claw".

Relationships with the Balaur Edit

A faction amongst the Mau race exists: those who support the Balaur, and those who don't. Mau such as the Hoarrfrost and Mist Mane who have succumbed to Balaur power are significantly more advanced than passive Mau tribes. The destructive power over Aether is one to be feared. One example was when the Mist Mane was able to push the Silver Mane into near extinction. The Mau that oppose the Balaur believe in the old teachings of Zemurru, a prophet that united all of the Mau tribes. The opposing Mau are extraordinary brave and trustworthy towards Asmodians and themselves.

Mau do not dare to directly talk to Drakans because of the strong sense of inferiority they feel, therefore they are only expected to talk to Draconutes.

Mau Outside Asmodae Edit

While in Gelkmaros, it is seen that there are Mau in the Naduka Legion. And in Danaria, there seems to be another species of Mau called Tigrant's.

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