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Order: You heard strangers were lurking around northwest of the citadel. meet Spiros to hear about the specifics.

Quest Information[]

  • Talk with <Spiros>.
  • Scout around Verteron Citadel for suspicious strangers.
  • Scouting completed! Report back to Spiros.
  • Collect the Revolutionary Symbol and take them to Spiros.
<Revolutionary Symbol> (0/5)

Basic Reward[]


Talk with Spiros and obtain quest. Scout around Verteron Citadel for the Lepharists. Report back to Spiros. Go back and defeat Lepharist Revolutionaries and acquire 5 Symbols of a Revolutionary. Take the symbols back to Spiros to obtain reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I take it you've heard this latest batch of rumors?
Groups of strange, masked people snooping around, hiding from our Guardians, questioning the good people of Elyos...
It won't do! These aren't the actions of Elyos warriors. These are the actions of cowards, snivelling, wide-eyed COWARDS! I won't have it!"
1.png "Stay calm, friend. Anger will help no one."
"Sorry, you're right. I'm angry at myself for dismissing reports of these strangers when I first heard them.
The more I heard, the more I denied. I dismissed trustworthy couriers, loyal sentinels. I was a fool.
Finally I could no longer deny it. I saw one of them, only briefly, but it stayed with me. And I learned their name--the Lepharist Revolutionaries."
1.png "Leph--what did you call them?"
"Lepharists. If it is them, we've got a huge problem on our hands. They're subversive and manipulative. They get under people's skins and twist their nerves into knots.
I won't let these scattered agitators poison the people in my care. I need someone to go out and patrol around the citadel for these masked cowards."
You'll do it, won't you, [Player Name]? For Verteron?"
1.png "Of course. I'll take care of it."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Have you finished your scouting mission, [Player Name]?
Please, tell me everything you saw--even the smallest detail."
1.png "Lepharists, Spiros. The rumors were true..."
"Curse my pride. Traitors before my very eyes, and I did nothing! Even so, I'm but one blade...I can't kill them all.
I must notify Sanctum. I need reinforcements, logistics, operational command!
First though... First, I'll need evidence."
1.png "That the spies are actually Lepharists?"
I need their badges, those little trinkets they all wear. Once I have them I'll notify high command and bring a full Legion down on their lairs.
Go, [Player Name]. Kill all that you find, and bring me their badges."
1.png "For Elysea!"

Reward Dialogue[]

"[Player Name]!
Thank Aion you're back--my nerves are shot!
Did you get those badges I asked for?"
1.png "I have them!"

Failed Item Check[]

"You didn't get them? I need those badges! Without evidence, Sanctum will ignore my pleas for help.
Now go! Finish the task I set you!"
1.png "Sorry. I'll take care of it this time."

Successful Item Check[]

"Here it is at last--my license to wipe that...that filth from our lands!
Thank you, [Player Name]. You have done a great service, not only for Verteron, but also for Elysea. May Nezekan's shield protect your path in life.
Take this. You deserve more than I can give."


You heard rumors of strangers loitering near the fortress. At Spiros's request, you went on a scouting mission and confirmed his theory that the strangers were Lepharist Revolutionaries.

Spiros needed evidence for his report to Sanctum, so you defeated the Lepharists you found and brought their Revolutionary Symbols back to Spiros.

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