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Marmeia is located at the Tempest Shipyard, studying a nearby cage which houses a captured Krall NPC by the name of Ulaguru. She is a young woman who has made it her life's work to understand the Krall. She is often complimented on her cute freckles and youthful looks.

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"I've been studying the Krall for... oh, it feels like forever! I've sort of made them my life's work. They're endlessly fascinating creatures.
Maybe you've read my books? "A Study of Krallic Religious Rituals"? Okay, how about "Basic Krallic Language"? No? Never mind.
I suppose it is a bit of a niche field of study. I tend to forget, not everyone shares my enthusiasm."
1 "How is the study going?"
X "Farewell."
"Oh, I'm glad you asked! Okay, so... you probably know this already, but the Krall are a race of Sapiens.
Like other Sapiens, their biological structure differs from that of Humans or Daevas. Of course, they differ greatly from animals as well.
It's as if they have a whole branch of the biological tree to themselves. I'm still gathering data right now. There's not much to go on, but I learn more each day!"
X "Good luck with your research."
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