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Marchutan, known as the Lord of Fate, is one of the Empyrean Lords. He is a follower of Azphel, and after the Cataclysm became a Shedim Lord.

Character Edit

Marchutan is honest, stoic, rigid, humble, and symbolized by fate and the Chanter class. He is an advocate to destiny and has the ability to see into the future. His power is considered more beneficial than Yustiel's power. He not only uses his power to cure, erase sickness and resurrect lives, but he created a new way to enhance the Aether power of healing. Marchutan changed healing magic into a Mantra. Mantras enhance aether magic capabilities and significantly strengthening Daeva powers.

A gentleman among the Empyrean Lords, Marchutan prefers to be logical and collected. When the time came to delegate for peace with the Balaur, Marchutan sided with Lord Azphel to refuse any means of peace. He commands the Asmodian initiatives in Balaurea. Despite being a Shedim Lord, Marchutan is very level-headed and accepts the player despite him/her being a follower of <Munin>. He runs his Fatebound Legion almost like a father. Marchutan has proven that trust and sincerity are more efficient than fear and discipline, which puts the Lord at odds with the Shadow Court.

History Edit


Marchutan, Lord of Fate

Despite the pressure, Marchutan has proved more than capable of handling both enemies. Through his guidance, Asmodian forces have suffered the least number of casualties.

Assault on Balaurea (2.0) Edit

At the end of the original (Asmodian) campaign, Marchutan is revealed to be the commander of the Pandaemonium Expeditionary Force and the Fatebound Legion, tasked with the objective of defeating Tiamat. Due to the imminent threat of the Dragon Lord acquiring Siel's Relics, the Shedim Lords tasked Marchutan to get a hold of them before she uses their power. The relics, which were nearly omnipotent, wielded the power of Siel which could turn the tides of war by giving one side, Elyos/Asmodian/Balaur a sweeping advantage.

The Lord, being clairvoyant as he is, led the Asmodians to Balaurea, a land which was unknown of by Atreians for a while. Eventually, Gelkmaros, the Asmodians' first foothold, is permanently colonized by Asmodians and Drana removed from the lands permanently. However, to the bane of Marchutan and the player, Siel's Relics are first found by Tiamat. However, they gain time when Kumbanda, a Balaur rebel steals the artifact. For a while, he is sought after, but he is eventually captured by the Balaur, and the relics end up in the Dragon Lord's claws.

The Promised Lands (3.0) Edit

Once Gelkmaros was successfully under control of the Asmodians, Marchutan tasks Agent Aimah with confronting Tiamat. Despite many precautions made, the Fatebound Legion is confronted by a much more empowered Tiamat, charged with Siel's Relics' presence, who dissipates the majority of the siege forces.

After a failed attack against Tiamaranta, the ship is rescued by Kahrun and his tribe, the Reians. Wishing to remain neutral from the Atreian's conflicts, they demand an alliance between the two races in favour of focusing on their efforts to take down the Dragon Lord. After having lost many lives, Asmodians (and Elyos) are put in an uneasy position. The Reian leader Kahrun, able to subdue the Asmodians and Elyos, forced Marchutan to uneasily agree, allowing them to establish in their capital, Kamar. Marchutan needed help against Tiamat, and he could not loose the Reians as allies to the Elyos. 
Aion Cutscene Marchutan's Will

Aion Cutscene Marchutan's Will

Eventually, The Reian-Elyos-Asmodian united front drives Tiamat into a corner. Despite valuing Reian relationships, Marchutan had no choice but make the player go against Kahrun for the sake of Asmodae. This causes certain reluctancy from Kahrun, but that does not stop Daevas from taking part on the final battle.

When Reian Sorcerers find a way into Tiamat's hideout, her fate is settled by the Lord himself. In the final encounter, Siel's Relics is negated by the Protector's Seal, and Tiamat is slain by the player and Marchutan. Without the relics, she gets weakened and becomes no match for Marchutan. After this battle, Israphel appears and immobilizes everyone, including the Lord. He than takes Siel's Relics to the bane of Marchutan. Nevertheless, he entrusts the player to Israphel and is delighted with the player's diligence.

Dark Betrayal (4.0) Edit


Marchutan in Danuar Spire, Katalam

After Israphel was punished by Siel and her relics destroyed, Marchutan turned his eyes on Katalam and Beritra. Once again at odds with Kaisinel, he competes with the Seraphim Lord for influence and knowledge about Ide. In order to find out Beritra's intentions, he created the perfect accomplice of Beritra in activating the last Danuar Hyperion. For this he used the player and reprogrammed his/her brain with magic. After the failure he asked for forgiveness from the player, but he affirms that it was necessary for the greater good, for Asmodae.  

Marchutan and his followers discover many facilities already under siege by Beritra and his followers such as the Idgel Research Center, Sauro Supply Base, Danaur Mysticarium, and Ophidan Bridge. He then partners with the Redfang Legion and Archon Battlegroup to secure Danaria.  

Upheaval (4.8) Edit

Beritra's invasion destabilized the land of Balaurea. The incoming destruction of the regions was imminent, and in order to save the highest amount of innocents, Marchutan channelled his energy into aiding the evacuations. While the efforts were great, several people fell to the chaos. The Empyrean Lord felt drained and saddened by the recent event, therefore he retired to his dwelling, where he would recover his power.

As Enshar arose from the sea, this new Balaurean land held many mysteries; between them, Beritra's plans. The surviving legionaries from Beritra's invasion formed a new legion dedicated to unveil the land's strange nature, and eventually put an end to the dark Dragon Lord. Several members of the Fatebound Legion and the Archon Battlegroup eagerly applied, forming the Expedition.

The Expedition's efforts were a success. After having discovered the hidden knowledge of the region, they found about Drakenspire Depths, holding Ereshkigal's power. Beritra's wishes of releasing and acquiring them are slowed down by Daevas, but in the end, the Dragon Lord gains control of it, while paying a high price for it.

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Related Legionaries Edit

An Empyrean Lord has several legions assigned to him, following their orders. In the case of Marchutan, the most important legions are the Fatebound Legion, Archon Battlegroup and the Expedition. Between those legions, there are certain individuals who act as their leaders, assigned different tasks in different regions.

  • [Gelkmaros] Brigade General Valetta
  • [Gelkmaros] Marchutan's Agent Richelle
  • [Gelkmaros/LEvinshor] Marchutan's Agent Mastarius
  • [Sarpan/Enshar] Marchutan's Agent Aimah
  • [Sarpan] Fatebound Centurion Tepes
  • [Tiamaranta] Centurion Commander Skafir
  • [Katalam/Enshar] Archon Battlegroup Governor Vard
  • [Kaldor] Archon Battlegroup Captain Feroz
  • [Enshar] Expedition Governor Haldor

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