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Mara is a Human resident of Sanctum, and she enjoys watching Bella perform. She's very proud of her brother Codinaus, who ascended as a Daeva.

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Dialogue Edit

"What's a worthy Daeva like yourself doing in the Outer Docks, among grubby hard-working Humans?
Don't look so surprised! We live in Sanctum too, long as we've got Daeva relatives.
Me, I've got a Guardian for a brother. Name's Codinaus."
1 "Tell me about him."
X "Farewell"
"He ascended when our town got attacked by Krall. They came without warning...
He saved us all. I've never felt so proud.
In a way, I lost him forever that day. But I'd never want him changed back. He's become something better."
X "Farewell."
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