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Mapirerk is a young Shugo of the Black Cloud Traders found at the Tempest Shipyard in Sanctum. He is working to pay off fines and debts incurred by his brother's foolish trading practices.

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"Sanctum has much beauty, yes? Is very relaxing.
Mapirerk's life is much better here, now, with the Black Cloud Traders.
The old days...the old ways...sometimes..."
1 "The old days? What about them?"
X "Farewell"
"Mapirerk was a different Shugo then. So many trades, so much Kinah!
All gone thanks to idiot brother. Irresponsible. Foolish. Spends Kinah like water in the rain! Such sadness forces Mapirerk to Sanctum. Restitution. Fines, penalties!
Of course, brother thinks life is just fine here. Mapirerk is now a young Shugo in old fur."
X "Sorry to hear it."
With quests
"Why does Daeva stare? Mapirerk is no animal, but a free Shugo, yes?
Wait, now Mapirerk has sadness, nyerk. Did not wish to offend.
Trades before troubles, always."

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