Mana, also referred to as Magic or Mana Points (MP), is a supernatural power resource available to casters which they draw upon when casting spells. Non-caster classes also have a Mana bar in Aion, which they use for certain skills or abilities. The amount of mana currently available to the character is denoted with a special blue mana bar below their health bar. By default, casters start with a full bar of mana which is then depleted as they cast spells.

Characters have an innate replenishment of both health and mana. The rate at which these two stats replenish is slow out of combat, and mana regeneration during combat is almost non-existent. However, some mana can be replenished instantly during combat using mana potions from alchemists or vendors. Mana can also be replenished during battles via special spells available to some classes and by using various drinks. Out of combat, mana regeneration can be increased by sitting down to rest or increased significantly by using Mana Treatment. Certain class abilities are also capable of healing Mana, with the most notable being Songweavers and to a lesser extent, Chanters.

The maximum amount of mana available to a caster is determined by a combination of the character's class, level and their Will attribute. In addition, some items (both dropped and player-crafted) grant mana bonuses and can be socketed to increase mana even more.

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