Information theft has caused alarm in Pandaemonium. The trail leads to the Airship Dock.

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Speak with <Deyla> to obtain this quest. Travel to Airship Dock and speak with Zerpi to update quest. In same area speak with Osvi to update. Now talk with Annju. Travel to Trader's Berth and speak with Neparinerk to update. Now travel to Impetusium and speak with Banatisai to update. Travel to Black Claw Village and find the pile of clothes. As soon as you get close to them, a <Mau Shaman> will spawn. Defeat her to safely get the <Book Package> and take it back to Deyla to receive your reward.

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"[Player Name], you heard about what happened in the Temple of Knowledge? Someone got in and scrambled all the books. Thousands of tomes out of place--nobody could find anything they wanted.
It wasn't just an act of vandalism, however, oh no.
With everything in disorder...and I immediately noticed this important point...nobody would notice if something had been stolen, and several very specific books were definitely stolen. And now another robbery has occurred here in the Temple of Artisans."
1 "Are the robberies related?"
"Since both robberies involve very highly specialized knowledge of Aether, I'm working under that assumption. Our thief might want to use the information for himself, or to sell it to someone else. It doesn't matter which. If these secrets get into the wrong hands, all of Asmodae is in danger.
Today, my focus is on the robbery here. But that means the investigation on the books...well I can't be in two places at once.
I need someone who can do the job, before the trail grows cold."
1 "Someone like me."
"Exactly, [Player Name]. I hear you're smart and strong. I could definitely use someone like you.
I have <Doman> watching for anyone suspicious trying to teleport from Pandaemonium. And the airship captains are on alert. But the dock is full of unsavory activity. Think you can check the docks and find out if anyone suspicious has tried anything...well, suspicious?"

Accept Edit

"Excellent. Begin by questioning witnesses. Check with Zerpi at the Airship Dock first.
He works in the back alley. If anything suspicious was going on, chances are he'll have noticed it. He might be a bit tongue-tied at first, so feel free to threaten him.
Good hunting, [Player Name]!"
X "And to you."

Decline Edit

"I don't think you understand how dangerous this could be.
Imagine the power to manipulate the Aether in the hands of the Sapiens...the Mau, the MuMu, the Krall. Imagine those smug Elyos scum benefiting from all of our research and hard work. Imagine the Balaur gaining powers like ours as well as their own.
Do you see the bigger picture yet?"
X "Oh, that is bad."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Huh? What? Me? Suspicious characters? Why would I know anything about that? I'm only an honest citizen, going about my business here at the dock.
That's not a crime, is it? I know nothing, you understand? Nothing!"
1 "Would a Shadow Judge loosen your lips?"
"Whaaa? You wouldn't...they wouldn't...would you? You're just bluffing, right?
I mean if I don't know anything threatening me won't...
Wait! I know who you want to talk to. Osvi! Go put the thumbscrews on him! He's a pickpocket. He watches people. If anyone was up to any shady business down here, he'll have noticed."
1 "Upstanding citizen, aren't you?"
"Oh, here we go again. Something's gone missing in Pandaemonium, so let's go grill the ex-criminal.
I put my past behind me, understand? I wasn't even big league back then! All I ever did was lift a few Kinah from the passers-by! Then I got caught, so I stopped. End of story."
1 "Seen anyone suspicious round here?"
"What? Not here to hassle me? Huh. That makes a nice change.
Let me think...who's been acting suspiciously? Zerpi of course...and I saw Annju talking with a man in a black robe a little while ago.
His hood was pulled over his face, and he kept glancing around like he thought he was being watched. I'd say that was pretty suspicious. Yeah, if I were you, I'd go and twist Annju's arm. If anyone knows anything, he does."
1 "Thanks for your help."
" in a black robe? D...don't know what you're talking about!
Please. I swear. I swear by the five Shedim Lords. I've never heard of such a man."
1 "Stop lying. I already know."
"Don't hurt me--please don't hurt me! I'm sorry!
He said...he said that there was ten thousand Kinah with my name on it, and all I had to do was tell him how to sneak onto an airship bound for traders Berth.
He could buy passage anywhere...the Kinah might as well go to me as to some airship I told him. It's only stowing away! It's not so bad, is it? Right? Right??"
1 "Save it. Did you see his face?"
"I tried to get a look inside his hood. I was just curious, that's all. But he shoved me away and roared like a beast. Literally. He really a beast.
I knew I'd done something stupid and wrong, so I took the money and ran. I knew someone would come for me....
Wait! You can teleport there! Teleport to Altgard and make for traders[sic] Berth--you might be able to catch him.
1 "You'd better hope I do."
"Welcome, welcome! What do you need?
Just place your order, then Neparinerk will fetch it! Whatever it is! No order too small! No order too large!"
1 "Have you seen a man in a black robe?"
"Yes, yes! Neparinerk saw your black robe man. Went down toward Seggurheim, not a long time back, looking for Impetusium! Neparinerk said "Wait! Wait! Do not go alone! Dangerous!" But he still go. Stupid black robe man.
If he can get to Impetusium and meet Banatisai, he might get escort from her. Have to be lucky!
But you! You want black robes? Neparinerk can get you black robes!"
1 "Just the information, thank you."
"A man in a black robe? Of course I saw him. Someone crazy enough to head into Impetusium alone isn't the kind of person you miss.
I shouted to him, "Hold there! Danger ahead!" But he just raced ahead, dodging spirits and elementals."
1 "Which way did he go?"
"Hmmm...he was making for the northeast entrance. I remember shouting "You're heading right towards the Mau Village! Are you mad?" But he vanished out of sight.
Can you imagine a Human in a place like that? Poor soul. They'll be cracking his bones to get at the marrow by now."
1 "Mau, hmm? Thanks, Banatisai."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Seriously?! A Mau transformed himself to look like an Asmodian, and penetrated Pandaemonium's defenses that way?!
Technical manuals of Aether use, formulas for infusing Aether into weapons and armor, all in Mau hands...oh, that would be bad, [Player Name]--very bad. One of the reasons the Asmodians are superior to the Sapiens is our strong command of Aether, right?
If hostile Sapiens ever gain that ability..."
1 "I brought you back the books."

Failed item check Edit

"You didn't bring back the documents?
If our enemies have ANY literature concerning Aether in their hands, we need to get it back where it belongs, as soon as we can.
Please, get on the trail of the man in the black robe. We can't afford to waste time like this."
X "I'll leave right away."

Successful item check Edit

"Well, I'll be suggesting some changes to the Governor after this little fracas. We need to beef up security on our important documents.
Anything that can give power to our enemies needs to be stored separately. They have a Secret Library, so they should make more blasted use of it.
Thanks to you this didn't get any worse. You have my respect and my gratitude. You conducted yourself like a true professional."

Summary Edit

Deyla told you that books and advanced crafting techniques concerning Aether had recently been stolen. She explained that information about Aether had to be kept secure, as it could empower the enemies of Asmodae.

You went to the Airship Dock to get information and then followed the trail to traders Berth in Altgard. You heard that the man in black robe had already left for Impetusium.

Finally, you were able to dispatch the Mau spy who had disguised himself as a Human, and retrieve the books from near the Black Claw Village.

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