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Malonimus is a Centurion assisting the Brigade General in Eltnen Fortress. He looks down on <Telemachus> who he believes behaves brashly because of his early ascension.

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"I'm so sick of this post. When I talk to my friends in Sanctum, I'm embarrassed to tell them I work in the Eltnen fortress.
Everybody knows that Brigade General Telemachus is the commander here, and it just rubs my feathers backward to be under the command of a young kid like him. Sure he ascended a long time ago. So what? Look at him! He'll always be a kid.
They say he's been in all these battles, but I don't believe it. He's so scrawny. It really annoys me to hear him going on about all the things he's seen. I bet it's all a lie."
X "You should ask for a transfer."
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