Queen Mahisha's Heart contains a treasure. Obtain it and take it to Zhayorerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get the Malek in Queen Mahisha's heart and take it to Zhayorerk.
Malek Heart (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

To find Queen Mahisha, go to the southern tip of Giant's Valley. Kill her, and obtain her heart. Return to Zhayorerk to get reward. If you have difficulty finding her use the /pathfinding command to locate her.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Many many grades of Malek, yes? Malek around here mostly low-quality.
Make from mines is so-so, but easiest to get, yes?
But there is another Malek, maybe the very best Malek. Malek found inside the body of an animal. Yes!"
1 "Inside an animal?"
"Come closer and Zhayorerk will whisper it...the heart of Queen Mahisha, a Malek Drake, akakak!
Malek Drakes absorb Malek essence in their hearts. The older the Drake, the purer the Malek. Simple. Yes!
Queen Mahisha is old, old. Must have very profitable Malek in her heart, nyerk!"
1 "Very profitable, you say?"
"Zhayorerk wouldn't tell you this to just any Daeva. Only to you.
Queen Mahisha is no match for you, no.
If you kill Queen Mahisha and bring me her Malek Heart, I will share the profit with you."

Accept Edit

"Queen Mahisha lives far, far west of here. Up, up in the mountains.
Journey might be difficult, for anyone but very brave Daeva! Be careful, nyerk, nyerk."
And good hunting!"
X "I'll be back with her heart."

Decline Edit

"I understand. Some Daevas do not like profit.Others are merely afraid.
I will find another Daeva, nyerk, nyerk.
Good bye."
X "Goodbye, Zhayorerk."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Sometimes Zhayorerk misses city life. But Kinah makes it easy to forget!
Did Daeva bring Malek Heart?"
1 "Here it is."
"Look at size! Look at luster! It is just as Zhayorerk expected!
Zhayorerk was luck to partner with you, Daeva.
You have earned us profit! Akakak!"

Summary Edit

Zhayorerk said Queen Mahisha's Heart contains a valuable Malek.

When you killed Queen Mahisha and brought back the Malek Heart, Zhayorerk thanked and rewarded you.

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