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Macunbello is one of the bosses encountered inside Beshmundir Temple. Located in Macunbello's Refuge, this old spectre lich leeches life energy from souls he had captured through the years.

Strategy Edit

Depending on how many souls were defeated around the Acheron Mire, Macunbello will possess a debuff showing how he failed to absorb enough souls. This greatly reduces the pace of the fight as his attacks will have a decreased damage output.

Players willing to encounter Macunbello should try finishing off the fight as soon as possible, as his skills are deadly if not dealt accordingly. Most notably, every now and then he will summon two additional protectors who deal an important amount of damage. If they spawn on both sides of the door, players should either ruthlessly focus on the boss or dispatch them as soon as possible.

Other special abilities include Devour Soul <Devour Soul>, a shield protecting him for few seconds, making him invincible. He begins using this late on the fight, however, if damage dealt on boss is enough players will not see this shield. He will also use Absorb Energy of Darkness <Absorb Energy of Darkness>, a debuff which rapidly drains MP from its bearer. Finally, if the encounter takes too long, he will begin putting some members into a fear state, leaving them exposed to its powerful attacks.

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