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Lustiena patrols the dangerous edges of Sanctum, hoping to catch any humans that accidentally fall over them from carelessness.

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"Have a look over that edge. It's a big drop, isn't it? That never used to be a problem. Sanctum was intended for Daevas and Daevas alone.
But ever since Daevas in Sanctum started employing Humans, we've had no end of problems.
I keep warning the humans. Don't act recklessly in Sanctum, don't get falling-down drunk in the Dionysia Tavern, and above all take special caution near the ledge, but accidents still occur every now and then."
1 "We have a duty to protect the Humans."
X "They should know better."
"Absolutely. You're exactly right. So, I started patrolling dangerous spots to protect them. I've lost count of how many of them I've caught.
It's not a bad life. The ground below is beautiful to look at, and like you say, protecting Humans is a sacred duty of all true Daevas."
X "Faith and arms."
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