Lumiel, Lady of Wisdom

Lumiel, known as the Lady of Wisdom, is one of the Empyrean Lords. She is a follower of Azphel, and after the Cataclysm became a Shedim Lord.

Character Edit

She is enigmatic, and symbolised by wisdom and the Sorcerer class. Despite her youthful and innocent appearance before the Cataclysm, wise Lumiel understood the nature and essence of Aether better than anybody. Her ability to channel it is still unparalleled, and as a result, she has the strongest magical power in all Atreia.

In Ancient Atreia, she was bestfriends with both Lady Ariel and Lady Yustiel. All three of their powers combined could stabilize all calamities and disasters in both Elysea and Asmodae. In the past, the three were looked upon as the very symbol of Aion's divinity, and they guided Atreia to great prosperity. However, after the Peace Treaty Council commenced, Lady Lumiel joined Lord Azphel instead of Lady Ariel in solidarity. The entire council was in shock.

After being thrusted into darkness and coldness because of the Cataclysm, Lady Lumiel has sworn vengeance against her former friends, Ariel and Yustiel. It is said that Lady Yustiel is the most torn and devastated because of the two's broken friendship.

The Cataclysm took more from Lady Lumiel than many realize. Before the Cataclysm, she was curious, innocent, and mischievous. In the centuries since, she has withdrawn and become something of a mysterious figure.

Contribution Edit


Lumiel activating a force field

After the Asmodians and Elyos declared war on each other, Lady Lumiel has become Asmodae's leader in technology, research, and development. She created the Temple of Knowledge, and has formed a new legion dedicated to the Lady's very nature, the Wisdom Orb Legion. Lumiel has created a large following of scholars, prophets, and professors. Munin is one of those followers.

During the Abyss War, she has contributed the most with constructing and reinforcing Primum Landing. During the Siege of Primum Landing, she turned the tides of war for the Asmodians, by erecting a force field that massacred thousands of Elyos. Since then she has battled Kaisinel, the Lord of Illusion, many times, and usually gets the better of him. Rumor has it that the defeats Kaisinel has felt by Lumiel's hand, inspires the Lord to actively increase the Elyos military. Kaisinel's thirst for power knows no bounds.

Gunslinger concept art female

Allowing the other lords and daevas to take care of the Abyss War, Lady Lumiel seeks to restoring Brusthonin, and ultimately finding the secret behind the contamination. The Lady's Wisdom Orb Legion actively assists in observing and researching Brusthonin.

After the end of the Abyss War, Lady Lumiel assists Lord Marchutan with her very own "1st Pandaemonium Research Center." Intrigued by the nature and power of Drana, Lady Lumiel once again sets to unlocking the secrets behind it. To help the Asmodians survive such a bewildered environment, she has invented both the Gelkmaros Crystal and Aether Restoration Devices.

During the Asmodian campaign to gain superiority in Katalam and Danaria, Lumiel's researchers seek to unlocking the secret of Ide and Idgel. Finally gaining an understanding of Ide as an energy source, she has advanced the Asmodian army with the invention of Aether Pistols, Aethercannons, and the Bastion.  

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