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Lufe is a citizen of Sanctum, she is concerned that her son Basmos is following her husband Lukian into a career as a dock worker. She would prefer that the boy work toward ascension.



"My husband Lukian works at the dock. Today he's taken our young son Basmos with him, saying he'll teach him how to be a dock laborer. That's them, over there.
What I want to ask is, well... don't you think one dock laborer in the family is enough? Basmos is my son, and I want the best for him! I want to see him clad in armor, winging his way through the clouds, not hauling crates and spitting over the ledge.
I came here to change Lukian's mind, but every time I try to talk to him, the words just stick in my throat."
1.png "Sanctum will always need laborers, it's not a bad job to have."
X.png "Farewell."
"It's not all roses and sunshine, living among you Daevas, here in Sanctum.
I have four sons. I wanted one of them to ascend and achieve glory. Just one. It's not too much to ask, is it?"
X.png "If Aion wills it, he'll ascend."