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Ludina is the owner of the Dionysia Tavern. She is a shrewd businesswoman and an excellent bartender, but tends to be attracted to bad men.

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"Have you been off on a long journey?
Wait...have I met you before? I thought...I'm sorry, I thought I knew who you were. I could have sworn I'd met you...never mind! Pleased to meet you?
On your way in did you see Li...Oh, forget it. It's not important."
1 "No, go on."
X "Farewell."
"I was just wondering...did you see <Lityerses> on the way in? You didn't notice if he was with anyone, did you? Or what he was doing? Or what sort of mood he was in?
Can I trust you? Of course I can trust you, you're [Player Name] right? Well, don't tell anyone else, but...I kind of like him.
I know he's bad news, but I can't help it. That low snarly voice, those dark arrogant eyes...ooh, I can feel my knees turning to water every time he looks at me. Please, don't tell!"
X "You can do better than trouble like him."
With quests
"Hey! It's you! The [Player Class]! I've not seen you in ages!"

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