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Lower Udas Temple is a solo instance for players of level 52 and above. It is the lower level of the Udas Temple, from which the Dragonbound have been digging a passage to reach a nearby Jotun studio and retrieve its secrets. It can be accessed from Undirborg (Inggison) and Subterreana (Gelkmaros).

In the 6.0 update this instance remains, albeit as a solo instance and shortened version of the original.

Backstory Edit

The Jotun are an ancient race created by Aion itself. Their technology exceeds even the most cunning Shugo invention, yet they are also incredibly powerful and resilient beings, absolutely devout in their worship of Aion. Under Aion ’s command, the Jotun created the Petraliths, great stone giants intended as weapons against the Balaur, and were charged with maintaining and protecting these giant machines. However, they were defeated by the Balaur in a ferocious battle, and soon disappeared from sight. Now they have been rediscovered, waiting patiently deep under the crumbling walls of the Udas Temple. The Jotun Studio is located in the Lower Udas Temple, an area crawling with Balaur warriors. It is time for the Daevas to rise up and safeguard the machinations behind the Petraliths.

Walkthrough Edit

LUdas map

Map of Lower Udas Temple. The yellow dots indicate the accessible areas and main path after the 6.0 update.

Players will start in the Toxic Caverns. Stay close to the left wall to avoid most of the mobs in the area and proceed ahead. Upon reaching the Breeching Tunnel the first dynamic quests will begin to pop up. Pushing ahead, take care not to be overwhelmed as you clear out the quest monsters and patrols. If any Udas Darkwatcher are aggroed these should be dispatched first.

The tunnel will soon open into a large room, where the player will find the first named mob on a pedestal in the middle: Chura Twinblade. It is recommended to clear out the nearby mobs before engaging her, as she will aggro them once engaged. If the player has high DPS they can just burn her down quickly. Once she has been defeated a Reian NPC will appear and offer players a teleport to the next part of the instance once interacted with.

Now in the room below the Jotun Studio, the player will find the second named monster immediately to their right: Bergrisar. After defeating him head out of the room to the north, either avoiding or vanquishing the Jotun as you go. The pathways and rooms will be littered by various Jotun creations, but most of these easily can be circumvented. Out of the second large room the player will find their path blocked by Anvilface, the third and final named monster. Make your way up the climbing road beyond him, and soon you will reach Debilkarim's Forge.

In the middle of the room awaits Debilkarim the Maker. The fight itself is straightforward, his main combination being Seismic Wave (frontal AoE that inflicts stun) followed by Rockfall (AoE that inflicts knockdown). If the fight is taking too long he may also buff himself with either Strong Magic Tolerance or Strong Shock Tolerance (increases his magical and physical defenses, respectively) and sometimes use Fear. Vanquish the master of the forge and loot his body for the spoils.

Trivia Edit

  • Lower Udas Temple originally was a group instance for players of level 51 and above. In the 6.0 update it was remastered into its current format, with difficulty and monster levels being adjusted as such.
    • LUdas Surk

      The teleport device found at the start of the instance

      The length of this instance was also shortened. Players used to start in the Udas Vault, although this section and its named monster could be skipped entirely; using a Abyssal Fragment <Surkana Crystal> on the teleport device found at the end of the entryway would take the player straight to the Toxic Caverns. Optional paths such as Kingspin's Nest were also removed.

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