Ask people for advice for Daskair who wants to date <Sadena>.

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Talk to each of the people in order, then return to Daskair.

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"Have you ever been to a party in Vanahal? You might get an invitation, but me? Ha! They're particular about who they let in. So my friends and I--we sneak in when we can. Those rich people sure know how to party. They have the finest food, the finest drinks...the finest women.
That's where I saw her."
1 "Saw who?"
"Sadena...just saying her name makes me...all...I don't know how to describe it. She's so refined, so proud, and so self-assured--not like most of the insecure girls I usually meet. I can't get her out of my mind.
My friends tell me I'm crazy. I should forget about her--she's out of my league. But how can I? Her fine features, her fine clothes, her fine figure. I can't get her out of my mind.
I musta stared at her all night long. I don't even know if she noticed me."
1 "So what are you going to do?"
"I can't just ask her out, I'm sure she gets hundreds of dates from those Vanahal boys. I'll have to impress her. But...I'm not like her. I can't possibly impress her...unless...
The only way I can impress her is to know what impresses her. If I got advice from Sadena's friends, maybe I could find a way to impress her. But I can't ask them--they won't even give me the time of day, let alone Sadena's favorite color.
Would you go talk to them, [Player Name]? Just ask Duna, Araison, and Lidorasa about her and give me something to work with?"

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"I know I shouldn't but I do. I really do.
I've seen her at the theater with Duna, so she will know what makes her laugh. Araison is her favorite poet, and Lidorasa usually goes shopping with Sadena. If those three don't know what she likes then nobody does.
Let me know what you find out!"
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"You must have never fallen in love, [Player Name]. I can't control it. I just lose myself every time I see her.
I need help. I really do."
X "Yes, you really do."

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"Oh, you just gave me a moment's reprieve. I'm on my way to meet up with Sadena. She's perhaps the most opinionated woman in all of Pandaemonium. She can be pretty harsh on people if they're not up to her standards.
No one I know can stand to spend more than a few minutes with her. She's has expensive taste, but sometimes comments a bit harshly--especially on others' taste in clothing, jewelry, and interior decoration.
Last week, she made Selesti break down in tears. Sadena thought the decorations in the Banquet Hall were rustic, and said "This looks like what the Apellbine Tavern throws out of the latrine after a holiday weekend." "
1 "So does Sadena respect anything?"
"The only thing I've seen move her is honesty. As you can tell, she can be brutally honest. People who lie and cajole to try and get something out of her. That just drives her crazy. And fashion is just opinion really, but truth...well...she can't argue with the truth.
I guess that's why she's my friend in spite of her faults."
1 "Good luck."
"Love! The heart takes over the mind. Burning passion incinerates all reason. What fools we be for...Love!
Hello. Did you need a poem for someone?"
1 "What can you tell me about Sadena?"
"Sadena, she is like a Hasia, that one. Pleasant to gaze upon wrapped in silken petals. Held too close, her thorns prick and pierce deeply.
I know two thousand poems that will grip her heart. A thousand to make her weep, a thousand to make her jump with glee.
Poetry can command the mind, heart, and soul. Would you like one of my poems?"
1 "I'll get back to you."
"I just bought some beautiful gloves. Some people may call it lavish. But I think it's justified.
<Eiren> spent a long time learning and refining his skill before he could even consider making such an exquisite pair of gloves. Anyone who can create such beautiful and delicate things deserves to be rewarded for their time.
He makes a fine living, so I'm not the only one who loves beautiful items."
1 "Is that something Sadena would like?"
"Sadena? She's the one who showed the gloves to me! When I saw she had a pair I just had to buy them.
There's very few items of any value that Sadena doesn't already own. I think the only things she doesn't own are the special crafting orders like Ondarinerk's Rose Pattern Cube or the Siel's Tears created by Lanse.
"Hmm, I should think about getting those before she does."
1 "Farewell."

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"I can't stop thinking about Sadena.
Did her friends give you any useful information?"
1 "Honesty, poetry, or beautiful gifts."
"All of those are good ideas. But they're all so different. I could confess my love, or ask Araison to recite a poem, or give her an expensive gift...
Ah, I wish I my mind wasn't full of Sadena so I could figure out what to do to win Sadena's heart."

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Daskair wants to spend time with Sadena, famous for her high taste and expectation even in the Vanahal District. But he did not know how to approach her.

So you got advice from Duna, Araison, and Lidorasa for Daskair.

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