Find BuBu Chap's Treasure Box on the shore near the Iollu Forest.

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Bubu Chap's Treasure box (location)

Map location for the missing Treasure Box.

BuBu Chap's Treasure Box

BuBu Chap's Treasure Box seen amidst high grass.

BuBu Chap's missing box was dropped in the Iollu Forest, but as he said in the accept dialogue below, may have traveled down the current or even the waterfall. The treasure box is actually located in the northeast end of The Saplands just before the waterfall hidden in a patch of high grass. Collect the box and return to BuBu Village.

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BuBu Chap
"BuBu Chap hear Daevas are new Mau. True, yes?
Daevas protect, BuBus work?"
1 "First I've heard of it..."
"Is true! BuBu Chap never lie.
Daeva-Mau help fix, yes?"
1 "Fix what?"
"Fix bads!, yes?
Bad problem BuBu Chap lost box. Treasure box, BuBu Mep's box.
Daeva-Mau fixes-finds, yes?"

Accept Edit

"Dropped by shore in Iollu Forest. In current drifts maybe, follow maybe current then find?
Even maybe waterfall. Box tough-strong stays closed even still.
Find BuBu Chaps' Treasure Box before drifts more!"
1 "Current...waterfall...okay."

Decline Edit

"Daevas no help BuBu? No protect for work?"
1 "Not that I've heard."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You find maybe treasure box belong BuBu Chap?"
1 "Is this it?"

Failed item check Edit

"Not right box belong BuBu Chap. Box belong BuBu Chap more big."
X "Oh."

Successful item check Edit

"Yes! Kind-strong Daeva protect BuBus like said!
Box protect Ginseng like BuBu Mep said also. See, not wet!"

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BuBu Chap lost the treasure box BuBu Mep gave him. You tracked it down and brought it back to him.

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