Locations in the game of Aion are varied and interesting. Along with the two races of Asmodian and Elyos with their homelands of Asmodae and Elysea, there are a number of other locations to be explored. To try to organize the information, the wiki designates them into groupings.

Continents include:

There are two capital cities - one for each race. Pandaemonium is the capital for the Asmodians and Sanctum is the capital for the Elyos.

Each continent has a major city, with a teleporter connection to take players to other continents. Towns and outposts are areas where the NPCs are friendly to the main race, or both races. An explorable area is predominately hostile, or neutral mobs, but can have no mobs at all. Each continent has a nav box at the bottom of the page to access information on the towns or explorable areas for that continent.

Fortresses are found in Reshanta and Balaurea, and can be conquered by either race. These become friendly to the conquering faction, and hostile to the other race.

Instances are a unique area that is accessed and those are categorized by the name of the instance, not the continental location.

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