<> are in short supply thanks to the Lobnites around the citadel. Hunt Lobnites so that <Drasia> has Inina to use for cooking.

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Talk to <William> to get the quest. Kill 11 Spiral Lobnites. Report back to William to collect the reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"A Guardian's work is never done, you know. We provide the most vigilant defense against all enemies of Elysea. We rein in the Krall and keep a steady eye on the Abyss Fragments above us.
There's more to it, though. Every day well-being does not rest on the greater tasks, but rather the smaller ones – the jobs deemed inconsequential by many Guardians.
I am not among their number. The morale of our people is the bond that strengthens our armies and I tend to its fractures whenever I can, no matter how small. That is a Daeva's responsibility, after all."
1 "I see."
"<Drasia> contacted me recently-–it seems that Lobnites are eating the Inina around the citadel. She hasn't been able to catch any Inina for days, and it's affecting her cooking.
Normally, I'd handle this myself, but I've just been issued orders from the Brigade General himself. I can hardly go and tell him I'm too busy, so would you go out and hunt some Spiral Lobnites for me? Remember, addressing small problems can stop them from becoming bigger ones."

Accept Edit

"You see the wisdom in what I have said, then! Excellent!
You'll need to hunt eleven Spiral Lobnites. They may look docile enough, but they can turn on you in an instant. Don't try to take on eleven at once.
It's a shame to have to cut their numbers, but it won't do to lose the Inina. "
X "I won't treat the task lightly."

Decline Edit

"What will I do now? I told Drasia it would be done today.
A Daeva's word cannot be broken.
Looks like I'll be killing Lobnites after dark, thanks to you. "
X "Good luck to you."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Back so soon?
You have hunted the Spiral Lobnites already?"
1 "Of course."
"This is good news! I see I wasn't misinformed about your abilities.
Take this. It is only fair. Drasia asked me to present it to you.
I only hope it tastes as good as she assured me it would."

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Drasia asked William to handle the Lobnites that were eating the Inina she needed for cooking.

Since William had other business, you hunted the Lobnites.

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