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Lityerses is a Human with influence over many illicit activities going on in Sanctum. He can be found at the Outer Dock, behind the Dionysia Tavern, surrounded by humans of questionable character: <Deke>, <Benorun> and <Menon>.

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"Daevas. Pah. You're all starry-eyed idiots with your heads in the clouds. None of you know what the real world is like.
Guess what, pretty one. Not all parts of Sanctum are sweetness and light. You don't belong here. You'd better run along, back to the Divine Road.
Don't make me kick you out myself."
1 "Maybe I could buy you a drink?"
X "I'll just be moving along."
"The Dionysia? Wait... you've been talking to that stupid wench <Ludina>, haven't you?
I've warned her not to follow me around, but she doesn't take the hint. I guess I'll have to be more persuasive.
I trust you'll be more sensible. Walk away, Daeva."
X "She deserves better than you."
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