ID: 1686
A Cube for Perento

Type: Quest  Category: Draupnir Cave  Level: 45  Elyos Only

Description: Deliver Anaxa's cube to Brigade General Perento. Deliver the Bio Weapon samples to Perento at New Heiron Gate.---- Summary: Anaxa asked you to take the bioweapon samples to Brigade General Perento to see if they might be used in defense of New Heiron Gate.

The Brigade General was quite delighted to receive the samples, giving you a fine reward.

Full quest's text: Show/Hide---- Basic Reward  2 954 681 XP  x 200 [1] - Spymaster [2]4 - Platinum Coin Optional Reward [3]1 - Michalis' Mithril Necklace [4]1 - Michalis' Sapphire Necklace

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