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A Soul Healer of Aldelle Village in Ishalgen.


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"Azphelumbra, [Player Class].
I can use this Obelisk to heal the pain in your soul. Do you require this?"
Soul Healer Heal Soul
1 "What does that Obelisk do exactly?"
"Hm...not a simple question to answer, I'm afraid.
Obelisks are actually Aetheric Stone which is created when Aether is trapped within a finite space for centuries. The stone forms around the Aether, and it grows with each passing year. When it reaches this size ,we can harness its power
Soul Healing means that the Obelisk takes an imprint of your soul and brings you back from the brink of death. It also serves as a teleportation point if you're bound to it.
Each Obelisk is a natural wonder--a gift from Aion. You would do well to respect it's power."
1 "What does binding do?"
X "Thanks."
"Binding lets the Obelisk protect you when you are on the brink of death.You can't die from a war wound, but every time the Obelisk saves you, your soul diminishes a bit in the process.
Think of it as a last resort should you ever take on more than you can handle."
X "Thanks for the information."
2 "What is Soul Healing?"
"The Obelisk saves your physical body, but your soul is weakened in the process. Your limbs are slower, your body is weaker, and some of your combat experience is forgotten--all temporarily, of course.
Every time you are summoned back by the Obelisk, your soul diminishes a little more, and you feel the weakness longer.
But fear not! These injuries to the soul are the very ones I can heal."

1 "How do you heal my soul wounds?"
X "I'm sure I'll get used to it."
"Aha! Such curiosity! The healing process works like this:
I channel energy from the Obelisk, bind it with naturally occurring Aetheric energy, and purge your soul of any injuries.
The entire process is painless, though it requires a great deal of skill.
Of course, my prices reflect the difficulty of the task at hand."
X "Naturally. Thanks for your time."
X "No, thank you."
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