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Lindhelm is an Information Officer of Pandaemonium Plaza in Pandaemonium, whose job is to announce all of the important news of Asmodae. He is Amjuturan's husband.

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"Remember to fulfill your responsibilities always, Daeva.
You carry the weight of the Asmodian people on your wings. Their blood flows in your veins, their hearts beat in your breast. Legions of Elyos and massed ranks of Balaur gather at our door, and it is you who must push them back.
The Shedim Lords have chosen your blood to represent us, my friend. Do not disappoint them."
X "I won't Lindhelm. Blood for blood."


"May the protection of Azphel be with [Player Name], who visited Pandaemonium."
"Hail Daeva. For the Shedim Lords."
"A teleport statue linking the Vifrost Bridge and Prosperity Road has been erected. Please use it often, thank you."
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