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Abolos, leader of the Tolbas Watch, asked you to hunt Lightningfoot Tuka, the famous raider who the Kobolds consider a hero. Find him on the way to the Dukaki Mine.

Quest Information[]




Abolos, leader of the Tolbas Watch, tells you that Lightningfoot Tuka leads repeated raids into the village and no one can see or catch him. He wants you to find and kill Lightningfoot Tuka, the hero of the Kobolds in the Dukaki Mine area, to dampen their spirits. The path that Lightningfoot Tuka follows is shown to the right. He will not stop when you attack him, so repeated ranged attacks are best.


Initial Dialogue[]

"We don't get much trouble from the Krall here. It's the Kobolds. They're smaller and faster, and raid our supplies regularly.
The militia do what they can, but what we really need to do is break the morale of those little shadow-lovers."
1.png "How?"
"There's one particular Kobold--from what we can tell, he's a folk hero over there.
They call him Lightningfoot Tuka. He can run fast as...well...lightning, and can dodge just about anything.
Last time he led a raid here, they took all the Porguses before we could even sound the alarm."
1.png "So you need to take him out?"
"Exactly. We need to show the Kobolds that their hero isn't immortal.
It won't be easy. He's so fast you can barely get a swing in before he's out of your reach.
How about it?"


"Thank you. Plenty have tried before, but I have faith in you.
Lightningfoot Tuka will be scouting out the path from the village to Dukaki Mine, planning his next raid.
Stop that little runt in his tracks."
X.png "The task is mine."


"I get it, [Player Name]. You're afraid you won't be fast enough to take him down.
That's okay. I'm glad you know your limits. You can let the militia handle this one, then go back to preening your feathers or whatever it is you do."
X.png "Thanks for that."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Did you see any sign of Lightningfoot Tuka?
I know this seems like an impossible job, but please don't give up just yet."
1.png "I found him...."
"Ahahahaha! Yes! Try running away now, Lightningfoot!
I'm sure the Kobolds are already wailing for their fallen hero. You'll see no tears on this side of the river, though.
The villagers wanted to say thanks, so they collected this for you. I know it's not much, but please take it."


Abolos, leader of the Tolbas Watch, told you that Lightningfoot Tuka was leading repeated raids into the village and nobody could catch him.

At his request, you killed Lightningfoot Tuka near the Dukaki Mine.

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