Pranoa has been guarding his farm by himself and needed something to illuminate his fields at night. Hunt <Adult Sparkies> and bring six clumps of Luciferin to him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather three clumps of Luciferin and bring them to <Pranoa> to brighten his farm.
Sparkie Luciferin (0/3)

Basic RewardEdit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Pranoa to receive this quest. Collect 3 Sparkie Luciferins from killing Adult Sparkies. Return to Pranoa and report back with results to obtain reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Wonderful. More mercenaries. And where exactly is our money going? And what do we have to show for it?
I've seen Ager's farm, and the Kerubs that still infest it. We farmers can only watch you and your companions occasionally kill one, while we grow hungrier with each passing day.
Now the vermin have reached my doorstep and I must use my tools as weapons. What else am I to do? I can't work, can't sell my crop, and the little money that I do have is spent paying you mercenaries."
1 "I'm sorry, but what can I do about it?"
"Look, I'm sorry. I'm just talking. I've seen you around here and I know what you are capable of.
I've paid your captain just like the rest of the villagers, and there has been improvement. But now...
Now I need your help."
1 "What exactly do you need?"
"I am strong enough to defend my home by myself… during the day. But I don't have enough money for both food and candles-–and the Kerubs come at night, too.
But, there is a solution in Daminu Forest. A creature lives there known as the Sparkie, attracts mates and prey with a natural glow. If I had some of their… parts… I could light my farm at night and have no trouble defending it.
Why don't you kill some Adult Sparkies and bring me their Sparkie Luciferin? That would make a big difference for me."


"Thank you, [Player Name]!
Perhaps mercenaries are decent folk after all. I apologize if I was too harsh earlier.
I think three clumps of Sparkie Luciferin will be more than sufficient to light my farm. Please bring them as soon as you can. "
1 "I'm on it."


I shouldn't have wasted my breath! I'm more fool for thinking a mercenary would be willing to help.
I heard you lost your memory, but it's compassion you lack, [Player Name]. Now go, I'm sure you have money to make elsewhere."
1 "You're right. I'm wasting my time here."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Back so soon, '[Player Name]? I trust you brought me the Sparkie Luciferin.
I need to position them before nightfall."
1 "Here's what I was able to find."
These are perfect, [Player Name]. I'll be able to see clearly all night long now.
Thank you for your help. Please, it's not much, but take this small reward as a token of my appreciation."


Pranoa has gone to great lengths to guard his farm day and night.

However, since the Kerub invasion, he's had no money to buy even a candle to light his farm during the hours of darkness. You agreed to bring him some Sparkie Luciferin as a substitute.

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