Library of the Sages

Library of the Sages is at the southern end of Sanctum, off the Divine Road. It's shelves are stacked high with books, some of which can be read by players.

After the 6.0 update the library was shut down, as the quests provided by NPCs inside were outdated and for now-deleted instances. Essential literature was moved to Pernos' new house in Akarios Village.


Book of Prophecy

Deltras and Storm Legion

Guide to the Abyss

Eltnen's Fall

Wind Breeze

Rare Poison Guide

Studies on Balaur Ruins

Fall of the Zumion Ruins

Introduction to Alchemy

A History of Legions

Flora of Elysea

Related QuestsEdit

A Lingering Mystery

An Ax For Namus

Deliver On Your Promises

Krallic Language Potion

Secret Library Access

The Seed of Evil

Troll Hammers

[Group] Rules of Alchemy and Life

[Group] RM-78c

Tissue? I Don't Even Know You!

A Lepharist Monstrosity

A Disturbing Report

Project Drakanhammer

[Spy] Dousing the Flame

Library of the Sages NPCs Edit

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