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Levels within Aion may refer to one of a few things:

  • Player level
  • NPC level
  • Quest level
  • Profession level
  • Spell level (or rank)

Player Level[]

The maximum player level is 65 (Aion 4.0). As a character progresses through Aion, they will gain XP through Quests or fighting NPCs. The XP requirement for each level will be more than its previous level.

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NPC Level[]

NPCs throughout Aion have different level ranges within each area and can have a wide variety of level ranges for the entire region. This level range lets a player know the target player level for that area. For example, Ishalgen's maximum NPC level is level 9 which indicates Ishalgen is suitable for players up to level 9. Players gain the most experience from NPCs within two levels of their level. If the player out-levels an area, it may be time to find an area with a higher NPC level range.

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Quest Level[]

Quests have two levels associated with them. The required player level, or rlevel, is the lowest level a player can be to accept the quest. The quest level is the recommended player level for the quest. This gives the player an idea of what level they should be to attempt the quest.

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Profession Level[]

Profession levels, or plevel, are similar to character progression and have levels of advancement.

In crafting, the plevel refers to the level of craftsmanship the player has achieved. Crafts require a certain plevel to craft the item.

For extracting, the level refers to the level of nodes the player is able to extract from. These levels are used to describe the players' ability to harvest in Collecting, Essencetapping and Aethertapping.

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Skill Level[]

Skill Level, or Skill Rank is the progression of a skill. Skills have a maximum rank of 9 and will level up when the player does. If a skill is learned at level 1, it will rank up to 2 when the player levels up to level 2. At level 9, it will not gain any more ranks and the player will have to learn the skill's upgrade, if there is one. Some skills will not rank up and will stay level 1 regardless of player level. These are usually skills that don't need to change as the player level increases. For example, Taunt I will not increase in rank as a players level increases. Taunt I increases emnity by a certain amount which can only be raised by learning Taunt II.