Zhayorerk said that Lepharists were occupying a nearby Malek mine he's had his eye on. Get rid of the Mine Workmen and Peons who dig up the Malek.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get rid of the Lepharists who dig up Malek.
Mine Drudge (0/10)
Mine Peon (0/10)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Head northeast from Kidorun's Campsite and head through Malek Pass then south towards the Malek Mine. The Drudge and Peons are located down in the mine site mining the Malek ore. Be wary of the elite, Supervisor Yotunmork in the same area. Kill the requested number of foes and return to Zhayorerk.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Zhayorerk has a problem, Daeva--a problem about profit.
Is Daeva interested in profit?"
1 "I am. Tell me more."
"In Malek mine near here are strange strange people who call themselves "Lepharists". Nyerk.
While they dig, I can't. Get them to stop digging, Zhayorerk makes profit and shares.
Simple, yes?"

Accept Edit

"Thank you!
One group digs up Malek, other group supervises. If Daeva kills diggers, they stop digging, yes?
So Daeva should kill ten Mine Drudges and ten Mine Peons, yes? Yes!"
1 "This won't take long."

Decline Edit

"Why not?
Daeva doesn't like Kinah? Is some kind of sickness? Don't give it to me!"
X "Good luck, Zhayorerk."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You've come back, Daeva.
Did you go to the mine?
How did it go?"
1 "I'll tell you...."
"Perfect! Perfect!
No digging for a while, akakakakak!
Now it's Zhayorerk's turn to dig, yes!"

Summary Edit

Zhayorerk has his eye on a nearby Malek Mine, but the Lepharists occupied the mine before he could act.

You got rid of the Mine Workmen and Peons so that the Lepharist mining operation would have to shut down. Zhayorerk was very pleased.

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