The Legion Warehouse is a shared area that can be used between legion Members who have the proper permissions. In other words, when one Legion member places an item into this place, another eligible Legion member can retrieve it for their use. It is a very convenient system that allows Legion members to share many consumable items such as weapons, armor that is not soul bound, and kinah.

In order for your legion to grow, you will need a place to collect your funds and items for the good of the legion. Those who have the proper permissions can both deposit and remove items from the legion warehouse. It works the exact same way as the regular warehouse. That is to say, you can drag and drop or right click to move items around.

Legion Warehouses can be immediately used by eligible members when a Legion is created, and the rules to use it are the same as with general warehouses. When a Legion levels up, they can expand their Legion Warehouse by adding slots.

Disbanding a legion is not allowed if items or kinah are stored in the Legion Warehouse.

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